Saving a Buncha Monies

I love salads. I know a lot of people only try to order it to choose a healthy option or whatevers, but i seriously just love them. Love the different textures, colors, and flavors.

One of the best combo’s? Some kinda crumbly cheese, dried fruit, and candied nut. Boom, son:


That circular white thing is cooked egg white (microwaved, actually. I have no stove at my school place). I ate it on top of spinach, with poppyseed dressing (the only one I had). I used crumbled goat cheese, spicy&sweet pecans, and dried cranberries.

Should have used a bigger bowl… it was super hard to mix.

Anywho, one of those filling salads at a restaurant will run ya around $6.99 (or up to $9.99 if there is chicken and a piece of bread on the side).

I bought the three main ingredients (cheese, dried fruit, candied nut) for 8 bucks at Trader Joe’s… including the organic spinach, for about 8 bucks. And I’m going to get five or six portions out of it.

Kind of proud of myself because I actually portioned out the nuts and dried fruit so that I just have to dump it on my spinach and mix it all up. Could be a waste of zip-lock bags… but I think I’ll just reuse them. Definitely going to choose a salad to eat for the week and buy those ingredients.

I can change it up to get a different type of salad:

Cheese: feta, Gorgonzola, mozzarella, tralala

Dried fruit: raisins, apricots (cut up), cherries, figs?

Nut: almonds, walnuts, cashews (except they’re expensive, so probably not).

And then I can get all fancy and add sliced fresh fruit and such.

I’m super duper excited… Is that sad???


Went for a really fun run yesterday. I know I shouldn’t be do the HMM runs yet, but I couldn’t help it. This one sounded really cool.

They’re called “strength” runs, and this called for 6-miles with 400m recovery. The miles are to be run 10 seconds under race pace.

So, my goal is still to run under 3:35, which is like an 8:12 pace. For these, I tried to go for 8:00/mile. Here’s how the run went:

2-mile w/u: 19:30 (9:43 pace)

Mile 1: 7:59 (all of these were followed by a 400m jog)

Mile 2: 7:57

Mile 3: 7:56

Mile 4: 7:59

Mile 5: 8:00

Mile 6: 7:58

2.5-mile c/d: 22:48 (9:06 pace)

Total: 12.0 miles, 1:44:xx

Sooooo, yeah. I think when the Hansons do their training with their elite athletes, they need to do push-ups for every second they go under. That is a LOT of push-ups, friendo. Well, considering that it’s hard for me to do 4 REALY push-ups, 11 is just plain ol’ crazy.

Came home feeling sooooo great, and I followed it up with a quick Pilates routine that worked the core, but also stretched me out. It was a perfect way to follow this run.


My November challenge will be this: No spending monies at Starbucks/Peet/Philz, etc… not that I do that much, but I’m pretty sure the 2 or 3 times I do get it could be put to better use… like getting more awesome ingredients for my salads. [Exception: when brothers do coffee fundraising]

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN… except I’m not dressed up because I’m boring like that.

Are you dressed up for Halloween today? Did your office/workplace dress up?

Name your three favorite salad toppings 🙂

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