The Little Things

I have to appreciate the little things this week… Here goes the randomness:

Getting dinner with Joanna (went on Monday. Oh, and it was her first time eating Thai food):


Got Pad See… something (pad see mai??) and pineapple fried rice. YUM, mang.

And then we got some dessert at our regular fro-yo place. Love talking to that girl… without having our once-a-week meeting, I’d be bored out of my mind.


Went on a leisurely walk with Vina and Amy on Sunday. Sounds like there will be a few more women who join us in a couple weeks 🙂


Love talking and hiking! We went to Los Gatos, walking toward the Lexington Reservoir. Didn’t make it because we had to head back to church, but we’re definitely going to go far enough to see the reservoir next time.


Here’s my running path right herr (Great Highway!):


Clear skies, tank-top and shorts weather, ocean right next to me. So freaking annoying.

Just kidding. It was a delight to run easy on this path (which has been my go-to running path while I’m at school). Did 7.75 miles in a little under 1:10. I’ve been loving these super easy runs 🙂


Finished physics lab early… for the first time ever. Our group was like, “…. what… do we do?”

With all the extra time before my physics lecture class, I grabbed this bottle of awesome:


Sat at a bench in the sunlight and did a Bible study. You don’t know how happy I was… it was so relaxing! I’m thinking of incorporating more bench-sitting-while-in-the-sunlight between classes. Is that weird/sad? Or super cool :D?


Went to Target with Joanna last night. What made me happy? Not a purchase… it was the fact that I did NOT make any purchases 😀

(Super close to getting a nice, blue, $15 fleece jacket… but I resisted).


What is a small thing you appreciate from this week? (Right at this moment, it’s the fact that I got to sleep 9 hours and woke up feeling refreshed!)

Are you able to stick-to-the-list when you go to Target (or Costco… or any grocery)?

4 responses to “The Little Things

  1. I think that might be pad see ew? LOVE that stuff 🙂

    Lol I know what you mean about finishing lab early. I remember back in college, when we would finish lab early, people would leave in groups because we were all like, are we allowed to leave?? I’ll leave if you leave!

    I HAVE to write a list for the store (grocery or not). If I don’t, I tend to buy way more than what was on my list in my head.

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