SoCal-ing It Up

Thursday night, there was an impromptu dinner at Chick-fil-a with the sisters:


It was my first time there, but I knew I totally wanted a salad… I didn’t care that it’s not a salad place.

Also… I’m totally the girl who will order a salad for dinner, just so I can get the large ice cream cone. 


Love love love these girls so much. You’d be amazed at where the conversation naturally led us. Poop… and other classy things. It’s how we do.


Friday, before leaving for SoCal, I played with this girl for a long time:

20131108_090713 20131108_090708

Who says you can’t play when you’re drunk?


Just kidding. Hehe 😉

Took a bunch of pictures of her running around and fetching the ball, too. Unfortunately, the pictures are on my phone, which is sitting nicely on my bed at home. I don’t know why I often leave my phone at home when we go on trips. Dagnabbit.


Drove 6 hours and arrived in LA and met up with our gracious host, Esther (Joe’s sister)!


We put our names down for a sushi place, and got this Japanese dessert while waiting:


It’s not too sweet and it was perfect for keeping us satisfied enough until dinner, which was at Sushi Komasa


And then we went to Miss Coffee for some patbingsoo (Korean shaved ice with sweet red bean… among other awesome things).


Game face on. We were about to do some crazy work on this thing:



Realized that patbingsoo is kind of perfect for carbo-loading… it’s got a lot of water in it, plus it’s got plenty of easily-digestible carbs (you best believe I went through and found all the little mochi pieces, son).

I think I’m doing this whole carbo-loading thing right, as well as resting.

Thursday: Complete rest day (besides walking about 3.3 miles to-and-from school twice).

Friday: AbRipperX and Insane Abs (haha I was shaking like crazy near the end of this one. Hilarious!). And 30 minutes elliptical (at home). This was my little sweat and shake-out workout. If not, I’d be incredibly antsy at the start-line.

Today: Rest (walk around at expo, and that’s probably it).

TomorrowMalibu International Marathon (WOO! My 6th full marathon :D)


Mmmmkay. Since I’m resting a lot more and eating a good amount, I’m getting bloated like crazy. Oh, well. It’ll all be well worth it after the marathon, yeah?

Do you enjoy carbo-loading? Are you smart about it or do you just let yourself go wild?

Do you get uncomfortably bloated if you don’t run for a couple of days (and eat the same)?

Anyone racing this weekend?

3 responses to “SoCal-ing It Up

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  2. Ahh I love chick fil a 🙂 Especially their ice tea during the summer, and –yes their ice cream cones 🙂 I definitely recognize J town near Downtown LA, right?

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