Life After Marathon… and a New Thing

Well, first of all, life goes on after a marathon… though you may walk the earth feeling like a superhero among normal citizens.

I remember after my first full marathon (December 2011), I was so proud and happy about the accomplishment, but I just felt lost about what to do next.

Should I sign up for a 50K? Should I take 26 days off from running (I heard some people do that)? When do I sign up for another race? 

This time around, I planned on taking a week off from running, and then to ease back into running. Well I made it about three days without running and got a wee bit antsy. Good thing I had a physics midterm to study for… that kept me too busy to sit around and miss running all day.

I’m on day 5 of a running-break, and it’s actually going to end tomorrow… long slow/easy run with the Running Addicts is on the schedule!

Just because I took a break from running does not mean that I took a break from exercise altogether. I definitely need to break a sweat for a bit here and there in order to not explode by yelling at random people who walk in zig-zags on a narrow sidewalk (only when I’m running late to class, it seems) and pedestrians who walk around on streets as if they’re cars.

Monday: 90 minutes of elliptical-ing. Love my elliptical at home. I set up my laptop right in front of it and watch TV shows while sweating away.

[What I’m watching: MasterChef Juniors… Not sure if it’s the break from running, but at the end when a kid or two are sent home and they cry, I also get pretty close to sobbing. Kids crying and animals getting hurt… I cry. The trick is: Don’t blink. Let the tears evaporate off your eyeballs. If you blink and one tear drop falls, it’s game over, son. And don’t talk because your voice will crack.]

Tuesday: Rest (except for the ~1.5 miles walk to and from class)

Wednesday: Walking to and from class (~2.5 miles), and a 34-minute Insane Abs video.

Thursday: 25-minute Reebok Soft weighted-ball video. I used my 8-pound soft weighted ball and got owned!


My legs, my shoulders, my core, my everything got worked on. What an incredible workout in less than a half hour!

And then later at night, I also did 90 minutes of elliptical-ing.

Today: 75 minutes on the elliptical (MCJ- almost cried again), and then a 20-minute Incredible Abs video. I used to do this video when it was on ExerciseTV through DirecTV. Cindy Whitmarsh has washboard abs! The first part of the workout is an easy warm-up, and then once she does the floor exercises, everything just burns. It’s pretty fun 🙂


For some who run their first big race and then feel lost… I’m pretty sure it means that you have gained a new facet in your identity. You are now a runner. Congrats! It’s time to get another race on your calendar and have that new goal in your sites.

For those who say, “Never again!” and then somehow get lured into another race… you’re also a runner, too, hehe.

Others who don’t race but run a little here and there for exercise… I guess you’re a runner, too. [I joke. You’re totally runners!]

Here are some more signs that you’re a runner.


Here’s a new thing:

I signed up to get certified to be a Spinning Instructor!

It’s going down in a month… I hope it will be the start of my career in exercise and fitness! I love exercise in any and all forms (running is obviously my favorite though), and I hope to get certified to teach a bunch of group exercise classes 😀

I pray that I not only have fun, but I can bring glory to God through my career. He made us strong and capable, and I hope to bring that out in everyone I encounter!


And just to say that some one is having a Happy Fall, here’s a picture of Vanna running and fetching her ball:



What’s your favorite group exercise class?

What are some factors you look for in your GEI (group exercise instructor)?


7 responses to “Life After Marathon… and a New Thing

  1. I’ve heard lots of people say they can’t sit still after a race. I know that’s how I felt after my century. I gave it a week- and was back at it!

    Have a great weekend!

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