Best Combo

Some of the best combo’s… Peanut butter and banana. I eat this for breakfast every morning (and some times I’ll eat just one toast with a fruit as a snack… and dessert… and if I’m bored):


Well another one of my favorite combinations is running followed by yoga!


Yesterday’s run was an easy 3-mile loop around my neighborhood (this area is full of gentle rollers. It’s the best!). 8:44, 8:41, 8:13. Nothing scary or fast. It was great to get me warmed up and sweaty.

Then I went ahead and did two yoga videos that I did several years ago (through ExerciseTV… luckily all of the videos can be found on YouTube).

Straight to the core (about 9 minutes)

Yoga Fitness Plus (around 46 minutes)

Elise Gulan does the videos and she is MAJOR fit! She’ll do those insane core moves and speak normally. I was sweating, quaking, and struggling while she was smiling away. This is probably what my non-running friends think of me when I’m chatting away and telling them to smile while we run.

25+ minutes of easy running plus 55 minutes of yoga. I’m definitely going to do this again!



Like I mentioned, my Hansons Marathon Method doesn’t start until end of January, so I have a lot of time to do whatever I want, as far as workouts. I’ll still be sure to keep up my cardio, though.

Off season. Sounds fun 😀

What else sounds fun? We’re going to Tahoe… again!!


Or… I guess this is more fitting:


But I think we’re actually going skiing (^instead of snow-shoeing). That means it’s my 4th or 5th time this year. Ha! I’m not complaining. It’s pretty much one of my favorite places to go visit.


You know what’s great? I am LOVING school! It is such a blessing to go to school (despite how the CSU system may be a little all-over-the-place).

You know what’s weird? I am enjoying my classes that don’t directly involve my major (kinesiology). My chem and physics classes are so fun and interesting. Know why? My professors are so passionate about the subjects they are teaching.

Seeing their excitement and passion for what they are teaching makes me excited and definitely more interested. I think it’s the same way with anyone who speaks passionately about something/someone. If they say it enough, I’ll be curious and drawn to whatever they’re talking about.

What/who are you passionate about?

Your belongings? Your achievements? Your job? An activity? A pet? Your family? Jesus?

So speak up! (unless you’re super into your smartphone or other techno-gadgets. I really can’t keep up with technology :P)


Let’s hear it… what’s your passion? Or who are you passionate about? 

What is a class you surprisingly enjoy(ed)? 

4 responses to “Best Combo

  1. So glad to hear life is going well 🙂
    Used to love peanut butter banana sandwiches when I was in undergrad. Yummiest, easiest thing ever.

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