Running in the Rain… and the Funniest Post I’ve Ever Seen

Usually, I wimp out when it’s drizzling or lightly showering. Yesterday, I mustered up my strength, put on some grippy shoes (not my Brooks PureFlows because I heard those aren’t that great when it’s wet out), and went for a short run.

Oh, and a visor can your best friend in the rain. It keeps the rain off the eyes.

That’s about all I have for tips about running in the rain. Oh, except this really good tip I got from experienced runners about racing in the rain… and this is especially if it’s pouring rain: step in the first puddle you see. Why? Your feet are going to get wet anyways, so no need to waste energy on hopping, long-jumping or swerving around puddles. Well, if it’s a 5K, maybe you can hop over them… I ran a full marathon when it was raining sideways, so I got my feet wet right away.

Anyways, yesterday’s run was just to a water fountain at Lake Merced (out-and-back). 4.15 miles, 34:43. First two miles are downhill, the last two are uphill.

Miles splits: 8:42, 8:35, 8:18, 7:39 (9:57 walk/run for last 0.15 mile to cool down). I love progression runs… and I guess I went a little wild with the last progression mile. Whoops.

This was followed by a HardCORE Yoga with Weights. 23 minutes, nice stretch and some good upper body and core work, and about 6 minutes of arm burnouts with 3-pounders. Wowz, I haven’t done those in a while! It seriously burned like crazyyyy.


If you are having a crappy day, then you have GOT to see this post: 28 Dogs Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You.

If you love yourself, you will look at that post… and if you love others, you will show them the post. Laughter… it’s an ab workout. kinda sorta.

I’ve possibly over-hyped it now, but it’s one of the funniest posts I’ve ever seen. It definitely helps if you love animals.


OOOOooh man, right when I got to class, I realized that I left my chem lab report at home (which makes me sound like I’m in middle school) and had to walk back to get it. So in total, I walked to and from school three times (which means I walked a total of 4.3 miles today. I go at a pretty brisk pace, and it’s not flat. I wonder if I should count these into my workout log?).

Usually, I go back and forth twice each day, which is around 2.5 to 3.25 miles (depending on which day it is). Just imagine how many more miles I could have added to my year-to-date running log o__O

Current YTD tally in miles: 1883.4 miles. But this may be considered “cheating” because I also include the “miles” that come up on the stairmaster and stuff, and sometimes my walking mileage… whatevers. I know I’m way up from last year, and most of it is from actual running.


Do you run when it is raining outside?

How do you know when it is time to change your running shoes?

What kind of weather will you refuse to run in? (I’d probably refuse to run in extremely hot and humid places)

7 responses to “Running in the Rain… and the Funniest Post I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Last time I had lab reports, it was for P Chem. Don’t miss those days.
    Love runnin’ in the rain. HATE the cold. Anything below 32, I hit the treadmill. Hot and humid is fine – I live in the south, so I’m used to 100-degree days with 100% humidity. Anyway, kudos to gettin’ ‘r done in the rain!

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