Running Lake Merced

Do you ever eat a pretty healthy meal just so you can get a nice, big dessert?

Well, I do that. I had a big salad, and then splurged on dessert.

I get my weekly yogurt fix with my roommate from last year, JOANNA!


We hung out before I dropped her off at the Megabus station. Love talking to her. Honest as can be, and as loud as I am. We have rowdy conversations, and I love it 😀

My fro-yo consisted of a tiny bit of graham cracker, original tart, and eggnog (just a little… too much would kind of overtake everything). Topped with almonds, pecans, mochi, some graham cracker crumbs:


Successful fro-yo and gab session, once again. (BTW, we go to Nubi Yogurt, which is super close to our school. It’s our spot!).


Since I ran in the rain yesterday, God blessed me with a perfect day for running (yeah. He did it just for me, hehe)!


And I got to enjoy the beauty of Lake Merced (just 2/3 mile down the street from where I live).



Unedited pictures. Why change what God already made perfect, yeah?

Seeing beauty in nature reminds me that God is an artist!

And my run ended up being 7 miles, 58:39. 

Another progression run (a lot better than yesterday): 8:48, 8:34, 8:25, 8:13, 8:03, 7:46 ( and then c/d for a mile at 8:47).

See how it goes down about 10-15 seconds each time? Yeah, the actual run wasn’t really like that. I had to adjust all throughout the run (usually when I was going too fast and I had to bring it back to pace).

Hard-ish part is that I had to speed up slightly each time, but it’s a net downhill in the first half and a net uphill in the second half. Totally doable, but still takes a good amount of work!

Then it was followed by YogaX. Just 30 minutes-ish. I skip the first part where they’re just standing there and breathing, haha.


Turkey break starts after class today. I don’t have school next week, though I still have to do a bunch of schoolwork.

As far as running, I have the Berkeley Marathon this Sunday, the Run Turkey Run 10K on Thanksgiving morning, and a Christmas Relay (around Lake Merced!) in December.

This Saturday, I’ve got some volunteering to do, as well as a baby shower. It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

Are there any races that take place super close to where you live (where you don’t even have to drive)?

9 responses to “Running Lake Merced

  1. Hey girl I just came across your blog! Nice job and keep up the hardwork! My husband is a teacher/coach so I know what you’re going through!

    I have a 5k coming up in 2 weeks and then I’m starting to train for my first sprint tri! I need to throw another half in there sometime soon!

  2. I need to try mochi with graham crackers. Never tried those two together but I adore each of them separately 🙂

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