Berkeley Half Marathon… Among Other Things

Okay. Let me first give you a recap of Saturday.

Two Insanity videos (a 42 minute cardio-something one, 16-minute Cardio abs), and 60 minutes on the elliptical. Boom, great sweat and ready to rumble for the rest of the day.

5 hours of volunteering doing parking lot duty for the Turkey Trot packet pick-up:


It was sometimes slow, and quite busy at other times. Good thing I had Zack to keep me company!


Also, I did a very unfashionable (but fully functional) thing and wore my awesome ProCompression socks while we stood for 5 hours (okay, with some breaks). #keepittight yeah?


Then I went straight to a Almaden for some prepping for a baby shower!

We had an awesome time eating an assortment of delicious food and the moms got to tell some baby stories. There were so many laughs, and we young sisters took in all the info and advice to store for future use.



Yay, Yunhee! We’re so excited to meet your baby girl 😀


4:25am wake-up time on Sunday! Off to the races!

I hitched a ride with Linh, and we arrived in Berkeley in under an hour.

When we walked out to the starting area, I met up with Amy!!! It is my first time planning a meet with a blogger.


It was not only great meeting her (because she is so cute and sweet!), but her family and boyfriend were also extremely friendly and easy to talk to! They’ll pop up later in the race o__O

Amy‘s friend was also running the half and she was good-to-go with breaking two hours. For Amy, I knew that she would be okay to go for sub-2:00, all depending on her ankle and other recurring pain/injuries.

There was someone who led a group warm-up, but it wasn’t the kind of warm-up that I was expecting (no easy jog around a couple of blocks). She led us through some dynamic stretches and exercises, which was cool.


Then we headed over to our corral and we were ready to run! I was especially ready because I had goosebumps and the shivers from head to foot.



So this was the inaugural race, but there were still 8,000 participants out there! They also offer a 10K and 10-miler, and I believe the start and finish are in the same places. Kind of major crowded from beginning to end! It may have gotten in the way of some people PR-ing, but it made me happy that there were so many people out there doing something great for their bodies 😀

And we were off!


The first few miles have a net downhill, and though I did not want to gun it on these parts, we were still ahead of pace (at least the second mile) because it was fine to just lean forward a bit and let gravity help us down a couple miles.

There were some spectators on the streets here, which was nice (not as many as some other races, but I’m sure in the future, there will be more spectators). Amy got to see Rudolph while Superman had her back!


So I mentioned how Amy’s parents and boyfriend were so great? Well they appeared on the course a few times, snapping pictures and totally supporting her all the way through. It was always great to spot them and hear them cheering!


Here are some pictures of the course along the Marina:



There are some portions of this course (I want to say 2.5ish miles?) that are gravel and dirt (and like 10 feet of mud, haha). This could make it hard for some people, especially in the later parts of the race. Also, the course features an abundance of out-and-backs, and one switch back. It would have been mentally tough for me to hang on to a pace, waiting for the turn-around, but it is also physically tough to race with a lot of turn-arounds because busting a U-y like seven times can kinda sorta suck for the ankles/knees. Negative acceleration and crap… nobody wants too much of that in a race.

But, hey. I couldn’t complain too much. I was doing my favorite activity on a beautiful morning, so I just had to smile and take it all in 🙂


Anyways, how lovely would it be to hit mile 12.90 and see this big hill?


Amy powered up that thing like it was nothing. She earned the sweet downhill to the finish!


If you want to know how she did, and more details about the race, Amy will give you a more thorough recap soon!


Great job to all the RunningAddicts who ran this race! (Thanks, Linh, for the nice group picture).

berkeley half

Okay. Even though the race was done, there was a wee bit of a problem after… and it came in the form of a 45+ minute line for the shuttle back to the start. Pooparoony doony.

They rented those super nice shuttle buses (hardwood floor? Swanky). Honestly, I wish they opted to just get a gaggle of school buses instead of just those few nice buses. Oh, well. We made it on to the bus eventually and got home, haha.

With a few changes here and there, such as the course and some of the organization for after the race (I heard gear check was a big issue, for those who checked their bags and wanted to retrieve them after the race), this would be a great one to come back to. I may not look to PR on it, but I think the weather and sights make it a perfect late-fall half marathon to run!


It’a always nice to go to church right after a race. Yesterday was Thanksgiving Sunday, so we had a feast!


I had all sorts of carbs on there (backed sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potato, corn bread), and some meat and green bean casserole. I later ate two pies which were too sweet for me… I must be getting old. It actually gave me a stomach ache!

Lunch was followed by a read-through of our Young Adult Christmas skit!


OMG, these guys can be so hilarious 😀

And THEN… we practiced some flag football.

Lemme tell ya… I am really bad with any sport requiring me to handle the ball with my hands. I can do golf and tennis because I practically never touch the ball with my hands (except when I serve in tennis I guess…). But that’s when you know you’re purely just a runner… when you feel odd doing lateral movements and get scared of leather-bound football-shaped objects spiraling at you.

Sooooo, I’ll just be on defense, haha. I can run around and chase someone. Oh, but often times, I would be playing hard on D when unnecessary.


Ever meet a blogger in person?

Favorite carbolicious Thanksgiving side? (OMG, a toss-up between anything with sweet potatoes and anything with corn).

Who went running today? Was it tank-top/shorts weather where you are?

12 responses to “Berkeley Half Marathon… Among Other Things

  1. Holey moley I had no idea you did all that on Saturday and then ran a half! My family and I thought it was funny that Shanna and I totally looked like we had just run a half, and there’s you looking all purrty and like you just went for a leisurely jog lol! Your pictures turned out AMAZING! And I cannot thank you enough for pacing me and getting me through the toughest run of my life! You’re a rock star! Hope to have a post up soon!

  2. We met Andrea from chasing the black wood marathon in person! She currently resides in Australia, but frequents Canada since she grew up here! Her parents actually live in the neighbourhood behind us, so when she came up, we hung out a few times!
    It was so awesome getting to know her, and looking forward to her next visit!

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