Taking Up Space

Before we get to the meat of this post, let’s start with the sides…

Monday’s workout:

Insanity Max Interval Circuit (one hour)

Yoga Fitness Plus (one first 34 minutes).

Umm… that Insanity workout is incredibly good for the core. My abs were sore several hours later, and it hurt every time I laughed. that’s because I was consciously making an effort to keep to core tight the whole time. It’s awesome and tough work!


Today’s workout:

Treadmill (55 minutes, 6.2 miles. No big, just went easy while watching Friends).

Elliptical (65 minutes. Switched gears to watching How I Met Your Mother).

I guess this is what I do when I’m on break from school… endless amounts of working out. I just feels good to wake up earlyish, sweat like crazy, wash up, and have the whole day to do miscellaneous things…

… like dyeing my hair with henna. I read up on it and there were so many different directions and tips (use water/coffee/tea/lemon juice). I decided to just go with part water and part lemon juice. You mix it up with henna and let it sit in a dark space for like 12 hours, and then goop it on your head when it’s ready. Gotta Vaseline around your forehead, too… since henna stains everything.


I put it on the top and sides, and my mom helped me with the back.

Here’s the before (with no make-up. I mean #nomakeup ).


Washed it out 3.5 hours later. I’ll put an “after” when there is sunlight. It’s just tinted more red, which is cools.


Here’s the thing… I am pretty tall for a girl (and super duper tall for an Asian girl). A couple of weeks ago, my mom pulled out a thick, warm jean jacket that I used to wear in middle school.

Still fits… in fact, it’s slightly roomy. Score! I don’t have to go out and buy another warm winter jacket. Anywho, a friend asked later about it, and when I mentioned how I still fit in something I used to wear in middle school, she was like, “Wow! That’s great that you can still wear what you wore in middle school.”

My response: “I was a really really big sixth grader.”

It was around middle school that I realized that I am not built like the other girls around me, who were petite and dainty. There was nothing petite or dainty about me… like ever, haha.

Looking at magazines and the women in television and movies, I saw how most women were rather petite and thin, or tall and super thin. Even if they walked into a room and sat down somewhere, they did not take up space. Me? When I sat down, I felt like I took up a bunch of space…

There was a little period of time when I hunched because I wished I was not so tall. Then I got obsessed with weight loss and got to an unhealthy weight (almost 5’7″ and 98 pounds… not the picture of health… OR femininity). I took up less space and all, and got to a point where size zero jeans were getting roomy… and now that I think about it, it’s as if I was trying to reach nonexistence. Weird, huh?

Nowadays, I don’t hunch or try to take up a tiny bit of space. I am not self conscious about my height, and I wish I could have gone back to the Michelle in middle school and tell her it’s going to be fine, and to sit up straight!


Weird thing is that everyone wants what they don’t have… tall people wish to be a little shorter, short people want to be taller, people with straight hair want the voluminous hair of someone with naturally curly hair, and people with naturally curly hair want sleek straight hair.

Perhaps it’s human nature to just want what we don’t have? How craptastic, haha.

Remember, you are blessed. If God gave you thunder thighs, then own it and do something awesome with them. Same goes for other names that carry a lot of negative connotations (broad back? monkey arms? Bug’s Bunny feet? I can’t think of other ones, but you get the idea). We need to stop caring about what we look like and just focus on what our bodies can doooo.


Have you ever been self conscious about your height (wished you were taller/shorter)?

Do you ever watch stuff while you are on a cardio machine?

9 responses to “Taking Up Space

  1. I think you are right about people wanting what they don’t have. I have really thin, fine hair and always compliment women with really thick hair – and they usually complain about how annoying it is 🙂

    I think you have a great physique, by the way! And even more important, it is functional and capable of all the runs and workouts you put it through.

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