Thanksgiving Day Recap

The day started out with a pretty late wake-up before heading out to Almaden for the Run Turkey Run 10K (6:15am… it’s like sleeping in for runners, haha).

Got there early, got my bib on, and chilled in the car while listening to Christmas tunes. Then I went out and met up with some of the Running Addicts. Amy (from RA) had a goal of breaking the one hour mark. She got 1:01 last year, and I knew she was running a whole bunch this year and would totally kill that time by more than a minute. I was going to be her PPP (personal pacer and photographer).

First, we did an easy warm up at the track (about a mile, including the walk to the start line):


After a little bit, everyone came in to start the 10K (5K started 15 minutes later), and off we went. Man, what a gorgeous morning to be out running!



We stuck at an easier pace in the beginning before settling into a nice pace for the rest of the miles to finish well under 1 hour.

9:26, 9:14, 8:52, 9:03, 8:52, 8:57 (8:15 for last 0.20 mile). Needless to say, she worked hard got a 5 minute PR from last year! WOO HOO!!! Haha, I was saying that it was funny I got to pace another Amy today (paced Amy from fitnessmeetsfrosting for the Berkeley Half, hehe).



(Thanks Linh for this picture!!! And BTW, you can see just how red my hair got from the henna dye. It looks more red in the sunlight, though not as noticeable indoors).

Congrats on the PR, Amy! It was awesome to see you stick with the pace for this huge PR ๐Ÿ˜€


This course was actually marked really well. My Garmin said it was 6.19 miles, and I heard other people got really close to 6.20. Love it, and I definitely will be back next year!

Great job to all the finishers (photo cred to Linh)!


And a big CONGRATS to Albert and Linh (1st overall 5K, and 1st AG & 11th overall for 5K):



Right afterwards, I came home and did 35 minutes of yoga. If it’s not apparent already, I love following up a nice run with a yoga session!

Then after getting washed up, and some mishaps with our food prep and pick-up, we had our Thanksgiving lunch!


Know what I’m thankful for? God being with Joe as he took the bar exam (got the news last week that Joe passed ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ GOD IS SO GOOD! ALL GLORY TO HIM!):


Ohhh man. I like the meal, but my favorite part is always the dessert. My mom’s persimmon bread with two pieces of Korean rice cake (I look for the ones with the most beans and kabocha squash and raisins):


After clean up and a nap, Joe and I headed over to his family’s place for Thanksgiving dinner:




Good thing we didn’t have turkey again. Joe’s brother Josh made prime rib!

And of course, my favorite… dessert! I got another piece of persimmon bread, a slice of Josh’s pumpkin cheesecake, and another piece (got a second one later) of Korean rice cake:


With our bellies full, we all sat together for a friendly competition ofย yut nori.ย 

ImageForSharing (2)

These games always get incredibly lively, and there are a lot of laughs. Our team came in second.

(Btw, look at that picture, the bottom right one. Do you see Esther reaching for/pushing Josh? Hahaha, somehow, I always capture these pictures where he is picking on her and she retaliates or something, haha).


Needless to say, I am thankful for many things, but I think the most important ones are summed up in this day… Family and friends. Every moment is fleeting, so we should all try to enjoy it with happy hearts! God blesses us each and every day (even the moment we wake up is a blessing). Smile, thank Him for the day, and live it like any joyful person would.

I am also thankful for my love of running and all of the incredible people I got/get to meet through running!


Any big dessert fans out there? Do you look forward to the dessert more than the meal?

If you did a Turkey trot or a Thanksgiving morning run, how’d you do?ย 

What are you thankful for today? (Going off to Lake Tahoe, my favorite place in the world, with Joe’s family!)

3 responses to “Thanksgiving Day Recap

  1. Hello. I am a 14-year old male runner who has PRs of
    1 Mile: 5:57
    2 Mile: 13:53 (6:56)
    5k: 22:46 (7:21)
    5 Mile: 37:41 (7:32)
    10k: 55:35 (8:58)

    I was bitten by the half marathon bug about 2 years ago, and still haven’t run one, mostly due to injury (Sever’s Disease, calf problems, shin splints), but I will be running my first, the Lincoln Half Marathon, on May 4, 2014. My goal is to finish in under 2 hours, and I was curious as to how you train to reach your PR goals, especially in the Half Marathon distance.
    Lately I have been running very inconsistently, no more than 1-2 times per week. I run a shorter run of 2-3 miles on Saturday, paired with a long run of 6-7 miles on Sunday. I’m still trying to build up my long run, and have scheduled out the next few pre-training weeks, but still have 16 weeks leading up to the race on my schedule to fill. I would like to include a HM Pace run each week, and possibly a speed workout every other week on a different day. I’m hoping to top out my long run at 12-15 miles, and I would like my weekly milage to stay around 25 miles. If you have any insight on how to train for a Half, I would love to hear it! I hope to hear back soon!

    • I’d say start slowly, but you have to be consistent. It might be worthwhile to seek out a running coach, who can correct your form so that you aren’t getting injured or having to run with pain all the time. Though running a half would be awesome, I wouldn’t want you to come out super hurt on the other side! Happy training, and hope your body can build up to the distance one day ๐Ÿ™‚

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