Running In Tahoe

Gotta take it slow, baby.

I woke up first, and tossed and turned before realizing I would not fall asleep again. I hung out for a bit while everyone else woke up, then set out for a quick warm up run (2 miles, slow slow slow).

What’s awesome is that there is a nice trail less than a quarter mile from our cabin!


I got back about 23 minutes later and had some breakfast with everyone:


Then some people left for skiing, and I set out on the second part of my run. Whoa, it must have been cold… this little lake type deal was frozen:


Found the bike path on highway 28 that I saw from the car yesterday:


Ran on it for a while before realizing I was going through a bunch of rollers with a net downhill. Coming back up was quite the challenge. Again, since it’s a lot harder to catch my breath here (elevation/altitude), I just took it at an easy jog and walked when I needed to (didn’t look too many times at the Garmin. Just ran on effort).

Got back to the cabin with another 6.6 miles under my belt. 1:10 (yeah, slower than 10 min/mile, but I don’t care. There was a good amount of elevation change).

Picked up Esther and did another few miles with her (hiking on the uphill, running on the flat and downhill:



Completed 3.5 miles in 46 min.

12+ miles for the day. Now that’s what I call an awesome vacation!


Why do I want to run this much? It used to be for losing weight or keeping it off, but now, I just love the feeling of breathing hard, praising God for the wonderful sites He placed all around us, and knowing that I am challenging my body to become stronger.

Plus, I’m a lot more pleasant to be around if I’ve had a good sweat session 😉


Do you run/site-see on foot when you’re on vacation?

Do you run with a camera/phone? (I pretty much always have my camera, especially if it’s on vacation).

7 responses to “Running In Tahoe

  1. It wouldn’t be a vacation now if I didn’t take the time to explore on foot! Running is the best way to take in the area, that would normally be missed if u drove everywhere!

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