Back From Tahoe

*Sigh*. I kind of miss it already. I think I went into complete vacation mode (having a whole week off from school… and not getting anything done, haha). I’m back at school now and I feel like I might have some trouble getting the engine started again for the last couple of weeks of this semester.

Anyways, here is what went down on the last day of our Tahoe trip. Oh, actually, first there was a little trip out to Reno where Esther owned this game where you have to launch a chicken into a pot. She won a giraffe doll for our friend Hwanhee, who was so happy that she had tears in her eyes 😀


We only checked out the casinos that are connected (Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, and Eldorado). Then headed back to our cabin, where I promptly got ready for bed and knocked out.

In the morning, I woke up for a run up the trail. I saw a sign that said “Lakeview”, and hiked up that trail to the top. Omg, the view was so breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately, you just can’t capture how beautiful and blue the expanse of the lake was. You’ll just have to come with me next time 😉

ImageForSharing (3)

^random photos put together.

I did a total of 6 miles (1:07), and was happy with the bit a trail running I got to do. I almost never do trail running in the late fall/winter seasons.

Then after we packed up and had a little worship together, we went out to one of our favorite spots on the lake!


It was an incredible day to be out! The sky was clear and extremely blue, and the water was nice and calm.


^And you can obviously tell that it was toasty and sunny 🙂

We went around a took a bunch of pictures:



I love how clean the water is:


And a big thanks to Joe’s parents, who took good care of us the whole trip!



How did you start your first day of December?

Christmas decorations: Yay or nay? (For some reason, it’s Heck Yay for me. They make me so happy).

7 responses to “Back From Tahoe

  1. ahhh i love tahoe 🙂 going to big bear with work ppl next month so hopefully it’ll be a good time!

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