Windy by the Sea

Dude, running around in Lake Tahoe can be super tough (since the elevation and such)… but running around in San Francisco can also be tough if it’s windy out. Okay, fine… that’s true of any place.

Anyways, on Monday, I did an easy 4.5 miles (37 minutes) as a shake-out run, and then followed it up with 28 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday, I did 10 miles that were supposed to be easy and pretty flat. I was going to go out to my usual stomping grounds (Great Highway), but it was so windy and gusty that I could not catch my breath and I got all panicky. I went out about a half mile on the trail next to the ocean before turning around and heading toward Lake Merced. I apparently won’t wimp out of a rainy run, but I will wimp out of a super windy run.

Well, not entirely. I was sure it would be less windy around Lake Merced, so I made my way around (it was still windy coming back, haha).

I tried not to look at the pace on my watch and just ran by effort. Easy/comfortable effort was my goal (something that felt even slower than marathon race pace). Here’s what it turned out to be:

Miles 1-5: 8:52, 8:56, 8:53, 8:30, 8:21

Miles 6-10: 8:15, 8:40, 8:31, 8:32, 8:37

Elevation gain: 368 ft

Total: 10 miles, 8:37 average pace.

Swit. Even better was that I followed it up with an easy 16 minutes of yoga (mostly to stretch everything out).


Oh, yeah. It was so gusty that the wind kept on blowing my earbuds out of my ears. Boo~ ruining my listening-to-Christmas-music-while-I-run thing.

Anyone else listening to Christmas music these days?


Yesterday, I went back home and did 100 minutes of ellipticalling while watching two episodes of the Biggest Loser. OMG, I keep almost crying… their stories are pretty heart-wrenching, but I’m also so happy for them as they make progress towards their weight-loss goals.

Then I went out to Sonoma Chicken Coop for dinner with these fine folk:


Yumm… I ate this salad (Candied walnuts, chicken, blue cheese, and foccacia bread on the side. I just realized that this did not have dried cranberries, and it’s making me quite upset. This is how very difficult my life is):



OMG… I’m having such a hard time getting back into study mode. This means big problems (considering that there is only one more week of instruction left before we get into finals week).

Instead, I’ve been enjoying thinking back to Tahoe (where we ate a bunch of sushi, sat in big chairs, and admired the lovely Tahoe blue):

ImageForSharing (4)

^By the way, love the sushi at the top left corner. Can you tell I love love love egg?

And I brought Vanna to hang out in my room yesterday. She’s an outdoor dog, but I’ll let her in once in a while, and it’s always a jolly good time (as she gets older, it’s a lot easier to have her inside because she gets more chill):


(IG: meeshelkim)


Mmmmkay… been stress-eating a bit. Mostly things that are crunchy and fattening… perhaps my body also wants to create some more insulation for the winter? In any case, I need to handle my stress better and just get my work done.

Do you find yourself reaching for a particular kind of food when you’re stressed/tired? (Crunchy when I’m stressed, sweets when I’m tired).

Are you someone who can manage time very well? (Unfortunately, super duper no).

Favorite kind of sushi?

5 responses to “Windy by the Sea

  1. I went to Lake Tahoe about two summers ago and thought I was going to die in the elevation! I tried to stay at my normal pace but just couldn’t do it. It’s insane what a difference it makes!


    • Hahaha, it’s kind of weird but I never really liked running for the sake of running until just over 4 years ago. I’d say I was a pretty active kid, always running around and playing with my younger brother 😀

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