Cross on a Hill

I live up in San Francisco on the weekdays and go home to San Jose area on the weekend. Whenever I am here in SF, I try to get in some running.

I’ve been constantly spotting a cross on a hill and decided to look it up and see if it’s close enough for me to run there.

First, I did a lap around Lake Merced:



The lake itself is 4.5 miles. Adding in some of the residential area from my home, I got in 6 miles (52:48). Then I followed the directions and slowly made my way towards Mount Davidson Park (where the big cross is).

It’s all a nice incline (Portola Ave):


I alternated jogging and walking. Whatever I felt like.


Then I came across a wall of a hill:


Probably can’t tell how steep this badboy is… but it’s one of the steepest and longest that I’ve had to hike up. No problem, though… just take it one step at a time!

And then I came to this final trail up to the summit:


How to make thunder thighs less thunderous: angle camera 45 up from your shoulder:


Then I got to take in the ~270-degree-views of San Francisco:


PicMonkey Collage

Behind me stood the cross:


It is actually put up in memory of those lost in the Armenian Genocide. The story is sad and chilling.


But there is hope in this: “By honoring those lost, we honor all victims of injustice and cruelty, in their name we dedicate ourselves to the protection of human rights and the dignity of all peoples.”

I felt silly for being so anxious about nonsense when there are a lot of bigger problems in the world… especially things that could go unseen by most of the world (this was the first time I heard about an Armenian Genocide).

Definitely puts things into perspective o__O


It was a 4-mile trek to-and-from my home. Total for the day: 10 miles!

I will definitely go back! Perhaps I’ll take my fro-yo buddy with me next time:

ImageForSharing (5)

^This picture is hilarious because in the bottom right photo, she’s matching the guy standing in the background. HAHA!


Do you discover new places to run in the area where you live? (This is SF. I’ll never be done exploring the city!).

What is the biggest attraction near where you live? (For SF… Golden Gate Bridge, AT&T Park, and Union Square… and Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square… crap, this list goes on and on).

8 responses to “Cross on a Hill

  1. I go to school in Burlington, VT. It’s kind of a small city (or large town). The biggest attractions would have to be the lake (Lake Champlain), the bike path, and Church St.

  2. Haha love your camera/thigh trick! I’ll have to give it a shot! What a beautiful run! I’m sick of running on the treadmill during the week, but I get to work when the sun is still rising, and I get home when it’s almost set…I guess that’s what the weekends are for?

  3. man, all of my pics from races show my thighs at a horrid wide angle, flapping in the wind..i swear they love to take pics when it looks like i’m not running! sigh… anyway, do you wear trail specific shoes or just your regular road shoes? btw, i just signed up for rock n roll sj again! 🙂

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