Special Weekend

Before I get to the exciting activity for tomorrow, lemme tell you about yesterday!

I had my last two lectures of the semester. I love school, and dislike it at the same time… I registered for classes and their system is all sorts of messed up (in that they keep accepting students for majors, yet don’t provide enough classes or class sizes for all of us to finish on time. We all gladly accept that we’re going to be 6th year seniors. Boo~). BUT… I love my major. Kinesiology is something I have been interested in since high school, and perhaps God is just giving me more time here to do something good. We’ll see 🙂

And then I went out for an easy run (I know I say all of my runs are easy, but this time, I stared at the Garmin to make it all the same, super easy pace).

I did two laps around the neighborhood, enjoying the gloriously warm day!

Mile 1: 9:26

Mile 2: 9:26

Mile 3: 9:25

Mile 4: 9:25

Mile 4.5: 9:27

Actually, according to my Garmin splits during the run, they were all 9:25, haha. This is what runners do on the off-season. Awesome, yeah?

Then I did the 12-minute Reebok weighted ball Core video, followed by 3 more minutes of some of the toughest moves from the video.

Then 5 minutes of yoga to stretch everything out.


Tomorrow, I am going to be attending an all-day training to become a certified Spinning instructor! 

I will tell you all about it after the weekend! I’m so excited about attending 😀

Plus, I got this cycling bike from Joe, so I can practice on it all day long:


I’ll be so busy riding it that I won’t even think about organizing those shelves with all my workouts clothes, haha.


Then on Sunday, I will be participating in a team relay race around Lake Merced! Our team name is called “The Awkward Reindeer”. We’ll still have to coordinate what makes us so awkward (only one side has antlers? Run crooked? Stand too close to people? Stare at people from behind a bush? Not sure yet).

Yay! It’s been a while since I’ve worn a festive headband for a race:


^Wow. Check out that huge vest, the huge sweats (drawstring hangin’ out, haha), and we’re running form. It all points to the fact that I was still a NOOB RUNNER (but I got three other people from church to do this fun 5K with me. I think it was a Santa Run in Santa Cruz).


Some things that I love about this weather:

HATS and other head-things:



The picture with the black knit hat… was on beauty mode. Dang, that beauty mode covered up the big pimple on my cheek real nice. Don’t you love that??

AND another thing about late fall going into winter… my mom making dried persimmons:


We have two big persimmon trees, and every November, our house is full of racks up persimmons being sun-dried, and then sitting in a fruit-dryer thing all night. They’re nature’s candy. You can even see some of the sugar (white) on the edges. Sooooo good.

What’s less good is that I was eating them off a napkin.


Today’s workout:

Nothing fantastical. Off-day from running. 75 minutes on the elliptical while watching Extreme Weight Loss… really like this episode (9?).


What are you doing this weekend?

Name two things you are loving about this season!

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