The Hills are Alive

The Fremont Older hills were certainly alive with the sound of water sloshing in my Camelbak and heavy breathing. I went out for a nice long trail run yesterday.

I wanted to take it at an easy pace so that I could last for 3+ hours and still run around (instead of hobbling at the end and being sad).

Met some nice folks in the first part of my run, and they were confused as to where they were going. Unfortunately, their English was limited, and we talked a bit as we went up some big hills, and they finally realized that we weren’t circling back to the parking place but going farther (haha I tried to explain that, but I guess they’re used to doing loops instead of back-tracking).

After 1.2 miles, they headed back and I headed out for my run. It’s was nice to get in some walking/hiking as a warm-up.

I was so happy to be out there. This pictures says it all:


You wouldn’t think someone could enjoy running up and down hills all day… but I really had a blast.

These hills and trails are my playground:


And the view is just extra icing on a big delicious cake:


Kind of glad it wasn’t too sunny though. When I run out here in the summer, there aren’t too many people (because there are so many spots with zero shade). Yesterday? There were so many people hiking and mountain biking.

Anywho, 3 hours and 12 minutes later, I was back at my car. I had covered 10 miles… plus a bonus 10K… for a grand total of 16.2 miles!


I thought back to two or three years ago when I couldn’t run hills at all… or back 4.5 years ago when I couldn’t even run a mile without feeling like it was torture. It just takes some time for you body to adjust, but you’ll eventually be able to make it up a long stretch of hill that seemed impossible to run (so long as you keep training hard and resting hard). And you’ll be smiling all the way 🙂

That’s what I love about hills… I can distinctly remember back to a time when I’d fall short and stop at a certain point going up the hill. Now when I run passed that spot (or those spots on different hills), it shows a clear sign of improvement in my running fitness.

Also, one of the biggest factors that goes into enjoying running is not comparing yourself to others (or not worrying about what other runners will think about your pace). Don’t worry if your race pace is someone else’s crawl pace. Don’t think about others tackling hills like it’s the easiest thing in the world. As long as you’re both working hard, then it’s all good. And don’t compare yourself to you-from-10-(or 20-?)-years-ago when you were able to eat whatever you wanted, run faster, and recover in three hours (this was never me… but I know some other people who were blessed like that).

My love of running goes deep. It has helped me to discover new mental strength and confidence. God blessed me with this gift of running, and I can’t help but share it with you. Perhaps God gave you this gift, too… you just haven’t opened it up or tried it?


When did you catch the running bug? (4.5 years ago after crossing the finish line of a 4.5-mile Pat Tillman run)

What do you bring with you on a long run? (For yesterday’s I had my cell phone and a lot of water).

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