Back from Big Bear Family Trip

Goodness, the family trip was so much fun! Won’t be able to a lot of the pictures up from my camera… but here are some from my camera phone…

Joe… making squeaky fart noises with the balloon (right in my face):


A large Joe Latti from Joe’s Italian Ice (I got the most fattening one… PB cup). It has soft serve at the bottom, the PB cup Italian ice, which was more like ice cream, and soft serve at the top. Divine, but so sweet. I got a stomachache after, but it was totally worth it. 


Vermicelli from a Vietnamese place in Irvine. I should have stuck with a normal BBQ pork one, but I tried the lemongrass chicken one and was a little bummed… not what I expected, I guess. Still ate it all, haha. 


On January 1st, I did 8.3 miles in the morning in the mountains and it was tough! At least I got to a spot where I could see the view of the mountains:


Then at night, when we were at Joe’s uncle Jay’s home, we visited the gym and I knocked out another 6.0 miles (49:30). It was TIRING, and I was sore from skiing on NYE… but I figured that since I was already there and sweating, I may as well finish it.


So I did 14+ miles to start out the year 2014. Get it? [I’m in trouble when 2020 rolls around o__O]. 


I honestly went wild with all the snacking and eating. I am sportin’ a pretty fluffy layer of insulation right now. It’s all good. I just gotta get rested and get back to my usual routine (hopefully most of the holiday goodies are consumed now?). 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who ate too much while celebrating the new year!


Some new things with the blog this year… I have become a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador now! You can see the badge under the banner on the right side, yeah? 

And another new thing… BWTT finally got a FB page. You can like it right here.

Be on the lookout for a giveaway, too, folks. I’ll have a pretty nice one in the next couple of days. 


Today might be a complete rest day. My calves are still sore from skiing (… am I skiing weird? Is this normal?). But I might change my mind and do some elliptical-ing at night. 

Desserts… do you always have room for it or can you do without it? (Always have room).

What did you do on January 1st?

7 responses to “Back from Big Bear Family Trip

  1. On January 1 I did… nothing physical. It’s my last day off work, the gyms I teach are closed, I knew the rest of the year would be busy, so I just took it easy 🙂

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