4 Weeks to Go For the “After”

I took a few pictures yesterday (which, btw, was a day of complete rest… no workout, no little bit of ab exercise… nothing).

Put it together to give myself a nice BEFORE:


I am not sure if you can tell… but I felt extremely uncomfortable and bloated. Got to see the weight on the scale, too. I don’t weight myself regularly, but I was just curious. I didn’t freak out and go crazy, but it was just another indicator to which I could measure my fluff-shedding.

4 weeks… that will take me all the way through January. I want to try to give myself these 4 weeks to get balanced in exercise and eating clean (though not too strict. Anything too extreme and I get in trouble). Also, with working out hard and eating well, I need to rest hard.

Less huge snacks, less huge desserts, less eating late at night. That should do the trick.

Not sure if I will share the numbers with you. Don’t want to get too consumed by numbers… perhaps at the end of the 4 weeks, I’ll decide if I want to let ya’ll know the before and after weight.


Haha… my before picture… I didn’t try to find the most flattering angle or lighting or even put on make up. I’ll be sure to do all of them for the AFTER, hehehe.

More than anything though, it really shouldn’t be able the aesthetics. We are so quick to find flaws and sometimes go through the majority of our days without realizing how blessed we are with our bodies. We can do amazing things with it, so just be glad in everything you do. I know my body is not in the best place to perform at its best… so I want to get it back.

So… I’m trying to articulate the fact that I’m uncomfortable at this weight, but I won’t be depressed about it. I let myself go, but I’m going to work to get myself back. This is not my fighting shape, so I’m going to fight to get back in shape.

I have no target weight goal… but seeing the muscle definition again would be pretty sweet. I’m also curious what my weight is when I feel comfortable, strong, and fit.


Before and after pictures… yay or nay?

Weight goals… yay or nay? Or do you go for a non-weight-related goal?

7 responses to “4 Weeks to Go For the “After”

  1. When I have a weight or number-related goal, I find myself getting a little crazy obsessive — Which I know is the case for a lot of people. I don’t have a scale in my apartment… I feel like it makes me a little insane (like jumping-on-it-a-couple-times-a-day, insane).

    I do like the idea of before/afters. It’s a way to mark how you look when you are feeling uncomfortable with weight/appearance. If I look in the mirror and look/feel bloated, that’s my indicator that I need to clean up my diet and switch up my workouts. An after picture is helpful to see how exercise/diet changes make a difference.

    Brave for sharing! 🙂

  2. I find weight goals usually unproductive because I tend to yo-yo when I start consistently working out. As I turn fat to muscle my numbers bounce up and down and sometimes I end up a pound or two heavier than when I started! I usually measure by strength, speed, stamina, and overal muscle tone. 🙂

  3. Found your blog through Girls Gone Sporty, and saw this post and immediately could relate, and was in love with your pure honesty. First, as you are now, remember you ARE beautiful, whether you feel fluffy or not, that doesn’t only determine your beauty! Second, I love your positive mind set, do not focus on numbers, but rather how you feel. Good luck with the next four weeks, I know you’ll do awesome!

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