Sometimes, It’s Not Perfect

Why hello there. How was your Sunday?

I woke up at 6:30 am to say ‘bye’ to my younger brother as he went off to fly out to Atlanta for another semester in law school. Oh, yeah. We ate at Kyusu (Burmese cuisine) on Saturday as the last meal altogether before he left (he’s on the right side of the picture. My older brother is on the left. Their girlfriends are in the middle).


Burmese cuisine is known for their tea leaf salad:


And their flatbread (pratta? pratha?) and curries:


That was Saturday. Back to Sunday morning…

After Michael left, I made coffee, took care of bidness, and was close to changing my mind about going out for a trail run. How I made sure I went? Put on sunblock. I don’t want to waste it if I put it on. 

So glad I got out there:


God built me this awesome playground, just five minutes from my home. Yeah… my heavenly Father spoils me like crazy.

Though His creation was perfect, my run was not:


The whole first hour was super tiring. I did manage to average 12:00/mile (not terrible with all the hills and crap), but I definitely didn’t feel like I could go on forever like the 16+ mile trail run I did over a week ago. Lots of power-hiking, even on the normal hills.

[I’m thinking it’s from the two-a-day the previous day. Elliptical and spin bike in the morning, stairmaster in the afternoon].

So instead of thinking about my pace, I just enjoyed the sites and trails of Fremont Older:


Even if the run was not perfect, it was a perfect morning to be out and about. Every morning we wake up is a blessing. Don’t spend it in a chair, becoming blobular. Get up, get moving, and be joyful (life’s too short to continually hold grudges or be hatin’, mmkay?).

… Oh, and I had negative splits. The second five miles only took 52 minutes… for a total of 10 miles in 1:52.


Some more photos from the Big Bear Family trip:




My skiing was also not perfect. I had forgotten how to slow down, so I was out of control. I went tumbling like five times (which was kind of fun, actually. The snow was really soft on the first run, haha). Then Joe’s Uncle Jay, an advanced skier, reminded me about how to slow it down… and I was in control for the rest of the runs.

But my calves were sore for like five days. Skiing is crazy. I guess that’s what happens when I go once every three years.


Today might be a pretty chill day. I have a desire to do a super long trail run (like… 18 to 20?). Not sure though. We’ll see after work 🙂

Are your workouts planned for the whole week? Or do you take it day-by-day?

What is an activity that leaves you super sore? (LEG DAYS. I’m not doing lower-body weights, but when I do, my legs are useless for several days. Love it and hate it).

Anyone else experiencing not-so-perfect runs into the New Year?

6 responses to “Sometimes, It’s Not Perfect

  1. I’m definitely a plan your workouts ahead of time type of girl! I need to see it and cross it off or I won’t do it! I admire those who can go with the flow! I’m experiencing not so perfect runs!!!

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