26.2 Miles on a Wednesday

I will be starting the Hansons Marathon Method training plan in a little under 2 weeks, but I wanted to run 26 miles to celebrate turning 26… which is at the end of the month. Instead of running the full partway through the training plan, I decided to run it now, and taper a little bit before starting the plan. Also, the plan specifically says not to do such a thing (run for over 3 hours, hahaha).

First things first… LOAD UP:


i love Vietnamese food (or perhaps it’s all Americanized now? I dunno). BBQ chicken vermicelli, followed by a big serving of fro-yo and toppings from Yogurtland.

Also, I should mention that Monday was a complete rest day and Tuesday was a cardio day (60 minutes cycling, 40 minutes elliptical, and 10 minutes BOSU ball intervals).

So I went out… extremely unprepared. I forgot to bring GU and I was wearing cotton socks (no clean running socks, GASP). I did, however, have ample water in my Camelbak (as well as the many water fountains throughout the Los Gatos Creek Trail).

It’s always nice to run on an overcast day:


Okay. The first 14.5 miles were pretty much flat. Not even sure if you can call anything rollers… perhaps little bumps here and there. Then I went up a mountain and got owned. Not to worry. I knew I would be power-hiking many portions of this run, especially once I hit the trails, so it was all good.

It helps a lot more if I get to see something pretty, like the Lexington Reservoir:


And then I got to the top of the Hilltop Vista before turning around and heading back to where I started:


(Obviously, the picture doesn’t do it justice. You’ll have to go there and experience the views yourself, hehe).

Going back was slow-going (mostly thanks to the biggest baddest blister forming on my foot. Darned cotton socks), but I was okay with that. I wasn’t racing, I just wanted to get 26.2 miles under my belt. I didn’t care if it would take 5 hours… just as long as I got back in once piece and can go about my day in a normal fashion.

Total: 26.2 miles, 4:24:25.

That’s awesome… it reminded me ofย pacing the Morgan Hill Marathon. Except this one had 1,300 + elevation gain. Yikes o__O.

Oh, and the elevation gain was pretty much concentrated in one area:


Scary, huh.


I don’t know if I’ll run 27 next year, but I did this run for fun (kept it nice and easy), and just to celebrate the gift of running that God has given me. I never would have been able to do a fun run like this five years ago (nor would I have had the desire to).

In addition, 26.2 is the number that I will be focusing on and working towards during my training. 18 weeks of training, all to lay down the most awesome 26.2 miles I can… it’s going to be spectacular ๐Ÿ˜€


Running your age in miles… yay or nay (or hell nay)?

Favorite pre-long-run meal?

Anyone use a hydration pack when going out for a long run? Which one? Share your thoughts on it!

10 responses to “26.2 Miles on a Wednesday

  1. I have 3 versions of the Nathan pack: the 1, 2, and 4 bottlers. I like having multiple bottles so I have the option to fill some with water and some with a sports drink.

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