Athleta Gift Card Giveaway Winner, and Other Stuff

Sorry this post is getting out to you late! Here is the giveaway winner for ya:



Congratulations Leah! Please email me at, and I’ll be sending you the gift card and some goodies real soon 🙂


The reason why I was late on this post? Sleeping. Joe’s family and I got back pretty early in the morning from SoCal and we all knocked out.

Why were we in SoCal again? Joe’s grandma was celebrating her 80th birthday!


We celebrated at Golden China. All of Grandma’s friends were in a big section, and all the children and grandchildren were in another section.

Grandkid’s table:





Yeah. There were like 8 courses? And as each one came out, we’d ooh and ahh and whoaaa. It was delicious, and worth the after-effects (bloating and discomfort). Since we don’t get a course meal all the time, might as well enjoy it when we have it, yeah?

And here is me and Hannah, being as excited as possible:


What were we so excited about? Probably this cake:


It is a very expensive cake from Paris Baguette. We each ate some of the bottom, and realized the cake part was not that good… and then had a theory that the top one would be softer and more moist. So we each ate some of the top tier and we were right! The bottom tier is not as soft and airy because it has to support the top one.

Or perhaps we were telling ourselves that as a reason to eat a second helping of cake.


As far as workouts, I did get in an hour of cardio on both Saturday and Sunday morning. If I’m thinking of it in terms of trying to burn off the calories from the day before, that would be a losing battle. Instead, it was just a nice and refreshing way to start  the day. I love sweating, feeling the blood pumping all over, and taking a shower… all before eating breakfast.

Enjoying the exercise for how it feels instead of using it as some form of “punishment” to make up for the calories consumed is WAY better than how I thought of exercise in high school. You’ve heard a saying: “Don’t think of it as ‘I have to exercise’… think of it as ‘I get to exercise!'”


Road trips… like them or dislike them? (Right now, I kind of dislike them. I just need to give it a few more months before I’m ready to drive up to Tahoe again, haha).

Share with me how you find motivation to get up in the morning (or whatever time in the day) and workout!

5 responses to “Athleta Gift Card Giveaway Winner, and Other Stuff

  1. i’m also a first-thing-int-the-morning worker outer, especially on week days. i know i often have a busy life after work, and i feel the best when i start my days with some good sweat seshes!

  2. I need to change that exercise habit as well! No more making it punishment!! I enjoy my workouts so much more when it’s just for fun! And Kyle and I dislike road trips right now. 1 trip down to SoCal and we’re pooped haha. We’re old…

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