Totally Forgot About That


Okay. I had a pretty nice week or two of random workouts. I’m doing whatever I feel like, and unfortunately, I go with cardio. That’s fine for keeping up my cardiovascular fitness, but I noticed that it was kind of turning my into a mushball. I had totally forgotten about hitting the weights…

So I decided to put some weights and stuff into my workouts this week:

Monday: Cycling (60 min), Elliptical (20 min).

Tuesday: 7.6 mile run with RunningAddicts (1:11), INSANITY Upper Body Weights (46 min).

Wednesday: Elliptical (1:40), AbRipperX (15 min), INSANITY Abs (15 min).

Today:ย Stairmaster (20 min), BodyPump (60 min).


It has been a LOOONG time since I’ve taken a BodyPump class. I asked my weights to go easy on me. They said, “Okay.”ย My weights lied to me. I got pwned. Big time.

I was planning on running a few easy miles on the treadmill, too… but my legs were wobbly, I looked at the treadmills for two seconds, and decided, “Nah.” I’ll do a BodyPump sandwich some other time.


So next week, I start the Hansons Marathon Method (as recommended by Adam from the RunningAddicts). I’m super excited about it and decided to color-code it and everything!


If you’ve followed this plan before, let me know how it went! 18 weeks is a long time, but I think the paces they prescribe (for my goal) are pretty doable. Praying for a healthy, injury-free training period!

And the race where I’m going to lay it all down? Mountains 2 Beach Marathon!


Vanna says, “Hello~”


I think it’s true what people say about having a dog (or why they have therapy dogs around). She is so cheerful, playful, and CUTE… she instantly puts a smile on my face (as well as make my voice go up an octave to my squeaky, creepy voice).


I signed up for my first 50K!!! I’ll be running the Big Basin 50K (Coastal Trail Runs). One of my readers that I correspond with regularly, and who I got to run with for the San Jose RNR Half, is running it and I decided to tab along with her!

I will have no time goal for it. It will only be two weeks after the M2B Marathon, so I just want to make it out in one piece. As long as I cross the finish line, I’ll be PR’ing, yeah?


Side note: If you were the winner of the Athleta gift card giveaway, please shoot me an email at I’ll give the winner until next Monday (Jan. 20th) to respond… otherwise, I’ll have to choose a new winner… ’cause I’m pretty sure I’m going to misplace the gift card. Or spend it, harhar.


Today, I’ll be chillin’ at home until I teach a couple of students in the afternoon, and then visit the tRAck for an easy run with the RunningAddicts (though they will be workin’ hard). And then I’ll be having dinner and dessert with the sisters ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Anyone attend BodyPump classes regularly?

Do you do mostly cardio or mostly weights? How do you find balance between them?

Do you have a dog/cat/pet who makes you feel better in an instant?

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