Cool Things on a Thursday

Yesterday was a lot of fun! After work, I went straight to the track to meet up with the RunningAddicts. They were doing a workout of 5 x 1K, and I was going to just walk. Why? That BodyPump class left me pretty darned sore.

The track looked so nice as the sun was setting:


But it got dark pretty quickly, and as I did my walking, Linh, Amy, and Gloria went off for their warm-up jog:


Then Amy joined me on my walk, and we chatted away while Linh and Gloria worked hard on the workout.

Afterwards, we took some pictures in the moonlight:


And there was a very active firefly around us… kind of hard to spot (photocred: Linh):


Sometimes, you gotta listen to your body and not run… I am supposed to be taking it pretty easy this week anyways (since I’ll be doing a whole lot of running starting from next week with the marathon training plan).

Anywhozits, I got in 4.3 miles of walking, and then rushed over to Lawrence plaza for dinner with the sisters (we wanted to go somewhere else but it closed early). Here’s me and Gabby:


And here’s Priscilla and Tammy:


I ordered my favorite… dolsot bibimbap (hot stone mixed rice dish):


Why I love it? The rice gets crispy, there’s a lot of veggie side dishes that go in it, and the EGG. How can you not like it? Plus even when you go to a place where the food may not be fantastical, they can’t really mess this up (whereas ordering stews can be risky… they may not be great).

So anyways, we stayed and chatted for a while before we headed to Tous Les Jours for some dessert:


And that’s where Michelle and Chimi joined us!



YEahh. I kind of love how we can sit and talk for hours. It was so much fun, and a lot of laughs 😀

I’m so blessed to have these sisters in my life!


Got home and received something in the mail:


How cool! I didn’t think I could be able to get an age group award in this age group (people start getting super fast from here until like… 45. Boo).

I might consider running it again this year (if I can get a pretty good price on it. Last year, it was like $74 when I registered). I kind of hope it remains to be a small race… and perhaps I’ll consider actually racing it? When I ran it last year, it was to enjoy it and I never really hit the wall).


Plans for today: YOGA and rest. And then a couple hours of tutoring, and then a small group meeting with the sisters. It’s going to be a good day.

Happy Friday! What do you have planned for tonight?

Korean food… have you tried it? Do you like it?

4 responses to “Cool Things on a Thursday

  1. I do like Korean. The sides are my favorite. I had a Korean roomate in college and she made bibeem bop (I have seen it spelled so many ways) for us once. So much chopping 🙂 I made it myself… once? I like kimchi, but I really have to be in the mood for it.

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