Enjoy Every Moment

Hey there! I’m coming up on the last couple of days of my break, and I’ve been enjoying every bit of it.

Of course I enjoy school and all the interesting things I learn, but I also enjoy this time off from school… waking up when I want, having workouts whenever I feel like it, picking up more hours at work, and spending more time with the Vannaloo.

I started my marathon training on the treadmill last night. Easy 6 miles while watching the Biggest Loser:


(IG: meeshelkim)

And then today, I decided to take the easy 6-miler outdoors. Went to the same trail I went with the RunningAddicts and kept it nice and easy.


I was supposed to do something around 9:30, but I was thinking about my form and breathing for so much of the run that I actually maintained something right under 9:00. Boo. I gotta go somewhere not so flat so that I can keep my easy pace EASY. Why? Because I gotta save the energy for my some-of-substance workouts (HMM people know what I’m talking about).

I came home and did AbRipperX (holy crap, the burn is insane!), and then went out and did some nice stretchy yoga in the sun:



Again. I have to set the timer on the camera, run to the mat, and get in position. Real yogis will probably have plenty of things to say about my form. For just a plain ol’ yoga-lover like me, the form probably looks fine and dandy.

Tomorrow will be something very similar (easy 6 miles, outdoor yoga).


For whatever you are doing in  your training, try to enjoy and appreciate the fact that you can go out there and challenge your body. Even if you don’t meet particular paces or you don’t feel that great, you are still kickin’ butt. You shouldn’t worry about other people passing you or running faster than you… just be happy you’re making yourself stronger 🙂

Heavy breathing, lactate acid building up, soreness, fatigue… you can kidna “enjoy” those things, too. Pretty sure it means your alive, and that’s always a good thing, yeah?


Hey. After Tuesday’s session of yoga, I was incredibly sore in my upper body! I mean… it felt like those times I was trying to get into benching and doing pull-ups.

Have you ever been super duper sore from yoga?

Do you have a treadmill at home? How often do you use it?

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