The After

Hello! 4 weeks ago, I put up some ‘before’ pictures, and now it has been a lovely 4 weeks since then. Here’s how things turned out:


What did I do differently? I added a bit more workouts with weights here and there (though still not consistently enough), I did more yoga in the last week, and I stopped eating passed 7pm on most days during this last week.

I think the whole not-eating-passed-7pm is going to be a good thing to follow (though not super strictly). I’m not ever going to be skipping a dinner if I get out of work late or something (my workout will suffer the next morning for sure). It’s just that the foods I eat passed a certain time are not the healthiest: ice cream, fro-yo, chocolate, crunchy snacky things.

During my easy 6-miler today (56:XX), I was thinking of how I can incorporate some strength training into my marathon training plan. I don’t want to leave myself super sore for any of my runs (being that we are pretty much building up fatigue for hellsa days). I think I’ll do some short yoga sessions after easy runs, and at least some push-ups or something a few times per week. I shed weights a lot more easily when I consistently lift.

Anyways, here’s a few more before and afters:


(left side is before, right side is after… though I hope that was obvious).

I did weigh myself 4 weeks ago and right before this picture. Whoas… 14 pounds lighter. Now, I’m sure that at least 5 to 6 pounds is just water weight/retention, but I’m thinking some of that is fat-loss (and hopefully some muscle gain?).

Not going to go into the specifics of what those numbers were… but yeah. It was quite significant!


I don’t advocate those quick weight-loss plans. Quick fix or drastic weight loss= disaster, mang. It will pile back on with a vengeance and your metabolism will be all out of whack.

Try to take things slowly, make a small change every week, and then try to achieve some kind of goal after several weeks, yeah?

Perhaps one week, you sub skim milk for creamer in your coffee. Then the next week, you stop putting honey or sugar in your coffee. Then the following week, you add a few strength training sessions. By the end of a few weeks, you will have many healthy habits built on top of the other… a whole lot more stable than other diets where the result is a CRASH, imiright?

Though no one talks about this, it is the same way when you have to gain weight. Don’t do too much at once because the anxiety will build and it can spiral into extremely controlled, strict eating/fasting (which I used to go through in high school). No, just take it slowly… one week, start adding a splash of creamer and honey in your coffee. Have a plate full of greens, lean meat, and a big baked potato (with no toppings if you’re not ready for that). I wish this is something I did when I was told to gain weight in sophomore year.

ANYWHO, don’t fall for the quick fix. And if you’ve fallen off your goals/plans, that’s okay. Readjust your goals as needed, and do little things to work towards it.

And in everything you do, be joyful. You are blessed to have each and every day, so live it with great thanksgiving! Trust me. It’s so much better than rotting in self-loathing and despair.


Last day is today to enter the Athleta/Gap/ON/BR gift card giveaway!

Ever tried a crash diet/quick fix type diet before? (Heck yeah. Juice fast. Two words to sum up that experience: liquid poo).

Share something you’re looking forward to for the weekend!

11 responses to “The After

  1. OH MY GOSH you look amazing!! I am a HUGE believer of not eating past 7!! I am the same way, and my body definitely doesn’t handle the late night eats well!!

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