One At a Time

Speedwork. When I see it on my schedule, I get a bit freaked out and nervous about it. Though the prescribed pace is totally doable, I think I still psyche myself out.

All I had to do was focus on the interval at hand… instead of the 11 intervals I had left to do.

What did my schedule call for?


12 x 400m. With 400m rest intevals. The intervals were to be around 1:48, which is totally doable. I like that the Hansons Marathon method doesn’t just tell me to go all-out, as  fast as possible. It’s all depending on the marathon pace I want to run for my goal time. The 400m rest was also nice.

Again, instead of counting down the intervals I had left, I just focused on taking one step at a time, enjoying each 400 meter interval.

I had a nice and slow 1.5 miles of warm up, then 12 400’s (ranging from 1:48 to 1:44… not bad at all, yeah?), followed by 1.75 mile cool down. I actually had a pretty tough time keeping the pace consistent throughout my 400 meters. I had to adjust constantly during the interval.

It’s nice that the track is real close to school. I do not like having to drive a bunch of places to run. I just step right outside and get going on my run. I love that!

Total: 9.25 miles, 1:23.


Love being up in San Francisco during the week, but I’m definitely missing the sunshine at home:


Super duper miss Vanna, and being able to do outdoor yoga on the deck.

Oh, well. I’ll have to enjoy everything that SF offers. And though school and getting into classes can be frustrating and annoying (darned impacted everything at SFSU), I still found myself thanking God for the opportunity to study what I love. It may take me forever and a day to finish, but I might as well be joyful and enjoy the time than to walk around and be a grump (which I do pretty much when I register for classes and don’t get into the core classes I need… haha). Gotta take this one day at a time, too.

Gosh, it’s like whatever I learn from running can be applied to everything in life 😉


Hey. If you guys are bored of television, go read the book of Esther. I read it a couple of days ago and it is full of tons of drama and excitement. Super cool book, peoples.

Hey. It’s my birthday (though I already got to celebrate it a bunch over the weekend). I’m going to get a free eyebrow waxing from Ulta. I did this two years ago and though I was kind of shocked at first, I grew to like it after a day… and I think I’ll do the same thing today.

Even if it’s my birthday, here’s the truth: Runners only care about birthdays every five years… because that’s when we move up an age division. So I won’t really feel older or care much until my 30th, hehe.

What birthday freebies have you partaken in? 

What’s the weather like where you are right now? (Overcast and drizzling).

What’s your workout today? (Easy 6 miles with some core work afterwards).

8 responses to “One At a Time

  1. Happy happy birthday! When I used to run and do intervals (currently nursing a runner’s knee, so no real running for me at the moment), I would get the same psyched-out feeling! Even if the times were doable… I’d still be nervous. But after you’re done, you feel sooooo good 🙂

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