Off the Plan… Temporarily

It has been a while since I’ve blogged, and it has been nice. I’m just goin’ with the flow of the happenings in life (and all the waiting around that happens during the first week of school when I’m crashing classes).

My workouts for the next 16 weeks are all planned out for me, so I just have to find the time to do it.

I did my easy 6-milers on the treadmill (except for one around Lake Merced, which was quite pleasant). Also an 8-miler at night on Saturday on the home treadmill. It’s nice to have around for when I’m too lazy to drive somewhere or when I’m pressed for time.


It’s really not the best for when I want to do fast running or speedwork, but it definitely works for easy runs.


I had some more birthday celebrations with some cool peoples. Tati, someone I’ve known since elementary school, is always good about staying in contact. Love her!


We went out for Italian food! I ordered gnocchi (homemade, with homemade pesto) and ended up demolishing the entire plate!


We followed up with some desserts:



It was so wonderful to catch up with her! And definitely a decadent meal 🙂

Then on Saturday, Josh took us out to Downtown Sunnyvale for some raw seafood and Indian buffet:


Ohhhh MAN! It was all so yummy and delicious! Totally worth the splurge.

And thennn on Sunday, there’s was some big hoopla over some football game on television. It is apparently a huge day of feasting… because I ate a whole bunch!


There may have been some viewing of the big game:


And I had the pleasure of watching Joe play with the Vannaloo:




Garsh. They’re so cute 🙂


Okay. I have to show off some of the cool running-related items I got last week:

Swit socks from Tati (that would have matched my shoes if my shoes weren’t so dirty):


^(Do these socks make my feet look fat? Gosh. Who knew feet could have unflattering angles?).

Then I got the Naked 2 makeup palette from Chimi (it has been so much fun trying things out. Note: I have a lot to learn about makeup application):


And my older brother got me an ipod nano!!! He must have known that I needed it for when I start teaching Spinning classes:


^(See the “Spinning Playlist” at the bottom? Yeah. I’ve gotten started on it).


Okay. So I went a little off the plan for a few days… but no problemo. The world did not end, I did not get depressed, and I let myself indulge without the shame. Even if you have given yourself some time off from whatever goal or plan you are going for, it’s OKAY! Just get back on it, and don’t be too hard on yourself… start up again without the burden of guilt. No need to have that holding you down, yeah?

Songs you are lovin’ for your workouts these days?

Do you snap a picture of your food before you eat?

7 responses to “Off the Plan… Temporarily

  1. Ahhh that pup is so cute! And you’re right, a few off-plan days is not a make or break in life. I had a similar experience this past weekend, and I felt I did well with the guilt (or lack thereof!) as well. It’s all in the balance 🙂

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