Oh, Crap. It’s Getting Difficult

I did my third speed workout yesterday (all part of the Hansons marathon method).

Kind of was a doof in doing the 2nd one on the treadmill. Certainly not the same as doing it outdoors (btw, it was pretty windy when I did my workout at the track last night. Dagnabbit).

I went to the track around 5pm and found that no one wants to be running at the track when it’s cold, wet, and windy. Hooray, I get to bust out this 6 x 800m all by myself!

Started with a slow 2-mile warm up (19:35).

Each 800m was supposed to be around 3:35. Splits: 3:31, 3:33, 3:37, 3:35, 3:31, 3:30. Not bad. Each of these had a nice 400m recovery jog/walk. Ended with an extra 1.76 recovery jog back home (17:28).

8.25 miles in total (1:14:13).

So each of these workouts are always to be run at the same pace (7:10… this is the prescribed pace for my track workouts, according to my marathon time goal).

Here’s how it’s laid out: 12 x 400m, 8 x 600m, 6 x 800m, 5 x 1K, 4 x 1200m, and then a culmination of all these into a ladder workout up to 1600m)… all with 400m recovery, and each of the intervals at 7:10 pace. That means the 400m will be at 7:10 pace (relatively easy) and the 1600m will also be at 7:10 pace (relatively difficult but reasonable).

Simple idea… which was lost to me during my intervals yesterday. I was wondering why it was feeling so difficult in the 4th 800m… and realized how smart the plan is. 7:10 pace is totally doable for speedwork, but it’s still tough enough for me to really have to work for it. Love how it builds on the volume of each of the intervals (with less reps of each interval, but same 400m recovery). Confused? Sorry. Pretty sure the book explains it a lot better, haha.

I read the other MichelleK’s blog and knew that this was not going to be easy and I was going to have to work hard at it. She’s also training with the HMM, so it’s going to be nice seeing how we each do at the end of our training.

With all the hard work and time commitment, I have a good feeling about all this. 🙂


How to fuel up after a tough workout like that?

Thai food with my friend, Joanna!


I’m so glad that she liked the pumpkin curry (it was her first time eating curry)!

We did some damage on this here food:


I don’t have an “after”… but we got through most of it. Always freaking great to catch up with her. She is incredibly blessed and extremely motivated in everything she’s doing. God has given her a clear purpose/mission, and she lives each day trying to fulfill that purpose. How awesome is that?

And until she is off to save lives, she will have to hang out with me and eat froyo even when we’re both way too full!


This was our birthday celebration (our birthdays are only 4 days apart. No wonder we get along so well!). Then again, it could just be any ol’ day of the week when we get together to talk and eat yummy dessert, hehehe.

I thank God so much for the chance for us to be roommates last year! Definitely not by coincidence that we got to meet and share a house in our first year at SFSU. I know on difficult days, I will always have someone I can talk to and she will listen and pray with all of her heart!


Went for an easy 6-miler today. How do you make sure you slow down to a super slow pace? Run in the sand:


It’s always nice running along the Great Highway. Got to be super close to the ocean, which is always beautiful:


After a while, the pavement shows up:


I ran along it for a while and then headed back home.

Did a 15 minute Tempo 2 workout (from Mash Up Conditioning). I’m telling you… it’s a great way to end my easy run!

My lunch post-workout (soba noodles, baked chicken breast, black beans, broccoli, and some balsamic reduction sauce stuff):


Gone in 60 seconds.


What do you eat post-workout? A shake/smoothie/bar or do you put together an actual meal?

Running in the sand: Ever tried it? Do you do it regularly? 

7 responses to “Oh, Crap. It’s Getting Difficult

  1. Awesome job and great post! Food looks amazing! Nice speed work! Yes, the aquathlons I compete in, I have to run in sand for the first part of the run and ugh…not a huge fan, but will be training in sand more this spring/summer! I usually make some sort of smoothie post run/swim!

  2. OMG you’re a rock star! Great job with the workouts! Fueling post-runs varies for me. Sometimes I eat an actual meal, and sometimes it’s just a shake (protein powder + almond milk). It usually depends on what time of day it is haha.

  3. Wow awesome job on the speed workout! I usually have a smoothie for my post workout meal there perfect, nutritious, delicious and they cool me down.

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