MASH UP Conditioning DVD Review and GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

I have an exciting giveaway for you! Before we get to that, I want to just share that I ran my last 6-mile tempo run yesterday (did a switcharoo with some of the training plan days) and it was awesome.

Went to Lake Merced for this one again.

It started out with a nice and slow 2-mile warm up (9:02, 9:27).

Then the sweet 6-mile tempo (they were a little too fast because I switched from my Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s to the Mizuno Wave Sayonara): 7:55, 7:51, 7:50, 7:57, 7:55, 7:53.

Then a 3-mile cooldown (8:40, 8:58, 9:14).

11 miles total (1:32:xx).

I am supposed to be running the tempo around 8:00/mile… meaning all of those were too fast! Why is this important? Well I went out too fast in the beginning miles of the M2B marathon last time and totally couldn’t make up for it at the end. I will start running 7-mile tempo’s from next week (and every three weeks, it increases a mile until I hit 10-mile tempo’s!).

After the run, I came back home and did a MASH UP Conditioning Tempo workout. 15 minutes was all I needed, and it was a great way to finish up the workout for the day.


As you can see M-AS-H stands for: Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High Intensity Intervals. Each tempo is 15 minutes (comes with 7 different tempos), broken up into 5 minutes of each aspect of M-AS-H. You can put a few of them together to make it a 45- 60 minute workout, or you can be like me and just do one after a training run!

The thing that’s great is that you can tailor it to suit your training, as well as choose the appropriate level within the workouts. There are three people who are demonstrating three different levels in each of the workouts! And one of the ladies is even pregnant :D! It’s seriously great for anyone (I think it is especially great for those who are short on time or need a change-up from the usual routine).

Just to let you know, I usually like to go on the highest level of everything, but after my runs, I’d only be able to do level two! One day, I’ll build up my agility and strength so I can do level three 😉

If you want to know about the creators of these workouts, just check out the bio’s right here (btw, they are two moms who are staying fit and inspiring others to do the same! Gotta love that!):


It comes with the DVD, food eating guide, and workout guide:


Here is where the giveaway comes in… I was given the opportunity to review the DVD and also host a giveaway! So if you are interested in entering the giveaway to win your own MASH UP Conditioning Tempo DVD, check out the ways you can enter (up to five different entries!):

1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me about your current favorite form of exercise.

2. ‘Like’ MASH UP Conditioning on Facebook (tell me in a separate comment that you did this).

3. Follow MU Conditioning on Twitter (tell me in another separate comment that you did so).

4. Follow MASH UP Conditioning on Google+ (another separate comment).

5. ‘Like’ Blessedwiththunderthighs on Facebook (tell me in a comment that you did this, or that you already ‘liked’ me on FB).


Yes. You can have up to five entries, friends!

[I will choose the winner on Sunday, February 23rd. Please make sure to check back on Sunday to see if you won (or make sure I can contact you so you can receive your DVD, yeah?)]. Good luck!

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