Recap in Photos

Did my track workout on Friday morning:


I was so super tired because I ran 6 miles with Joanna the night before. Btw, Joanna couldn’t run one mile all the way through last year (she was barely able to do 0.75 mile with me pushing her the whole time for the third lap). When we ran just two nights ago, girl did THREE MILES all the way through! I’M SO PROUD OF HER!! I didn’t even have to say anything 😀

Anyways, the track workout was w/u, 5 x 1K (400m RI), and c/d. I met the pace for only three of them… I didn’t stare the the Garmin. I was tired, so I just ran by effort.


CPR certification renewal:


Did it this morning, and it was nice to learn the new stuff (C-A-B now instead of A-B-C!).

The instructor was cool and we were done and did the test all in less than three hours!


Went for a nice long stroll with Vanna this morning. We went to the park nearby and I let her run around like crazy.


I looooove watching her run! She runs so happy and free. I think we should all be more like this… just have fun! Sometimes, you gotta let go of thinking about pace and crap… and be happy! (I’m partly telling myself this, too, hehe).

Oh, and stop to smell the roses (or the patch of grass where another dog peed).



If you’re interested, here is the first song that I wrote (sung by me and another Michelle, piano by Joy): Youtube of original song.

Here are the lyrics:

[Verse 1]
The world tells me that I am not good enough
and that I will never be worthy of love
I come to you with nothing but empty hands
In brokenness I cry out to you
Lord Most High, you have heard my cry.
O, Lord my God, you stretch out your hand.
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head
And you told me you delight in me.
[Verse 2]
Father, you tell me that I can come as I am
and that I will always be worthy of love.
I come to you with nothing but lifted hands
In your victory, I call out to you
Delight in your children
Delight in your church
Delight in your people
As we delight in you (x2)

Michelle and I (people are calling us “M&M” hehe) have two more songs already 🙂


Don’t forget to get in your entries for the MASH UP Conditioning Tempo DVD! I’ll pick a winner tomorrow!

What did you do today? What are your plans for tonight? (February birthday celebration for our young adult group)

Do you ever run without your GPS watch? How often do you run by feel (instead of pace)?

2 responses to “Recap in Photos

  1. Awww way to go Joanna!!!! That’s amazing! Yay for CPR classes! I took one last year and I’m excited to take one again this year (is that weird?). I feel like in that type of situation, you can never be over-prepared because most likely you’ll be very scared and not thinking clearly.

    • Yeah, it was nice to get a refresher (and learn the updates) on CPR. It’s great to be excited to take it again. It’s really true that performing it while cool, calm, and collected is not quite like the real deal… so being over-prepared is definitely better!

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