Listen While You Workout Campaign

Happy Wednesday! Thank God for the rain (though that means I’ll chicken out and head for the gym for today’s run. It also says there will be T-storms, with a picture of lightning. Not sure what that means, but it’s enough to make me not want to brave it, in addition to the wind and rain). 

What have I been up to?



Studying for my first midterm of the semester. It’s getting off to a great start! 

I’m studying by creating flashcards (used on both sides to save index cards). Some of them are problems, some are multiple choice, some are just knowing the right answers. 

And yes, I am doing this all on the floor. I am always quite comfortable on the floor. Perhaps because I do squats once in a while my butt is quite cushiony. 

I’ll have a “Drop Some Knowledge” post about some really cool stuff I learned in my Sports Psych class (favorite class this semester!), as well as some stuff about lactate. 

For now, let me tell you about this campaign called “LISTEN WHILE YOU WORKOUT”!


I was contacted by Esther from Macmillan Audio to participate in the campaign, which goes from February to June. You basically listen to an audiobook while you are working out, and you are encouraged to join the campaign and log your activities (duration, type of exercise, etc.). 

The idea of listening to an audiobook while working out brought me back to when I was in high school and I had Harry Potter on my ipod, listening while I pedaled away on the elliptical. Lord knows those Harry Potter books were way too big to set on those tiny magazine holder thingies. Anyways, I would be there way too long sometimes (90+ minutes??). Often, I’d crack up or gasp… which would have been embarrassing had I known anyone there. Or cared what strangers thought of me, hahaha. 

For this campaign, I got to listen to Patrick Lee’s Runner while I was doing my easy runs. Absolutely loved it because I didn’t have to be 100% focused on my pace (just make sure I didn’t go too fast), and I made sure to run on a path that is pedestrian-friendly (none of this dodging cars and jay-walking business!). 

If you are interested in participating in the campaign and using an audiobook to spice up your workouts (I recommend it for easy runs or cardio machines), then head on over to Macmillanaudio and sign up!

You’ll also be entered for a chance to win a Fitbit Flex 😉

[Dudes. All opinions are my own. I am grateful to have been able to try it out and happy to share my thoughts on it].


I posted on my FB yesterday about how I was studying a bunch and needed some study tips. Joseph said I should go for a run break. Why didn’t I think of that??? Haha, I actually didn’t make time to get in my run yesterday and was antsy all day. 

Ever listened to an audiobook while working out? Or do you listen to them elsewhere (such as in the car)?

Do you listen to anything during races (assuming that it is not against the rules to have a listening device)? [I bring my ipod and listen to music only in the last quarter of the race… it gets me through the super tough miles].

Do you own all of the Harry Potter books? Did you read them all when they first came out?

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