Here and There and Everywhere

Been pretty darned busy, mang.

I decided to just get things done and blog only if I had time. I had no time, so I did not blog.

Last Friday, I did an easy treadmill run (6.0 miles). Had exercise physiology lab, then went straight to work… and then to young adult Bible study. Then I went straight home and went to bed… waking up super early in the morning to go out to Hellyer park for the Brazen Hellyer Half. I helped out with sweat check again and we were graced with a rainbow (after some wind and rain):


Had a good time volunteering and manning (womanning?) the sweat check area with these girls!


Right after, I met up with Joe and we hit up the Sunnyvale farmer’s market for some grub:


Ate shrimp ceviche (omg so yummy) and pad thai (omg I’ve had way better).

Afterwards, took a nap, and then Joe and I hit up the gym. Did another easy 6 miles on the treadmill (which did not feel easy, dagnabbit).

Went home pretty early because I had to wake up early the next day to make it out to a course preview run for the Oakland Running Fesitval! I’m not running it this year, but I was totally down to preview the course.

We had different groups for many paces, running the half course and the full marathon course. [Thanks for the awesome pictures, Linh!]:

Here is our awesome group:



I took many pictures, too… but I cannot find my darned USB cable for the camera. I’ll get them up eventually.

Anyways, we finished that run with some Vietnamese food (umm, I don’t care if it is before a run, after a run, or when I’m not going to be running. I am always down for Vietnamese food!):


Sorry if I made the sandwich look upappetizing because I ate a quarter of it, hehe.

After wolving down the food, I washed up and went over to church. Michelle C. and I sang another song that we wrote! Check it out 🙂

After Sunday service, Joe and I went over to my place and I watched as they played together:


Then some of the praise team members went out to a concert at SJSU! I was reminded of how I am an old lady at heart. The music was too loud and I just wanted to sit and enjoy it (but often had to be standing because everyone in front of us was on their feet and I couldn’t see anything). I WILL say that all of the performers (who are Christian artists heard on K-LOVE) were all very very good!

Anywho, we were all famished afterwards (concert was from 7 to 10pm!) and we went across the street to an Indian restaurant to do some damage:


Got home close to midnight and konked out.

Slept in as much as I could this morning and then went out to the track to start off the week right! I knew that if I put this off until later, I would pretty much never get to it.


It was a beautiful day for a tough track workout!

2 mile warm up, then a ladder (400m-800m-1200m-1600m-1200m-800m-400m), and 2-mile cooldown. Each of these were to be run at 7:10-7:12 pace, and with 400m recovery.

The paces ranged from 6:46 to 7:14 (obviously, the 400m’s were pretty good, and the 1200m and 1600m were tough). I had to dodge a lot of walkers and little kids (a P.E. class showed up in the middle of it!). I had to keep encouraging myself with positive mantras: “You can do this! Dig deep! Just keep pushing ahead! You know you can keep this pace!”

I’m seriously so glad I was able to get through this workout. I had a pretty crappy running week last week (as in… missing both of my SOS (something-of-substance) workouts. But I knew I had a fresh week ahead of me and I wanted to start it on a high note.

Again, I’m so glad I didn’t delay because it started showering right after I got in the car!


I have neglected to do hit the weights regularly, so I did P90X (shoulders and arms) and felt like my arms got to be awakened for the first time in a long time!


It’s Monday, and I know I’ll have a lot of time-managing to do this week (with another midterm ahead of me). At least I got this run done and over with!


Bloggers: How often do you blog? Do you ever just skip it if you become super busy?

Does a little bit of rain stop you from taking your run outdoors?

Concerts: Yay or nay? 

6 responses to “Here and There and Everywhere

  1. Lol “womanning”- love it. I used to try to blog every day. Then I realized that writing a post just to get one in for the day was silly and usually those posts were crap. So I try to blog as much as possible, but never sacrificing family/friends time 🙂

    • Yeah. I think I’m definitely realizing that the more posts I tried to bust out, the quality would go down! But I’m trying to find a balance… now, so many of my posts are just recap-ing and still not as much substance as I’d like!

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