How to (Look Like You) Shed Fluff in a Week

Yesterday, I went for an easy run around Lake Merced and then did some yoga afterwards. It was awesome!

Oh, yeah… I have a little something to brag about… I got the highest grade in the class on the first midterm of my Sports Psychology class! 

It may not come as a shock, but that class is pretty darned interesting to me. I enjoy studying it and learning all about the psychology of sports and exercise. I often share the newly-acquired knowledge on the blog. This is how it can often be when you have a passion for something.

When you enjoy something, you are willing to spend a bunch of time on it and it doesn’t seem like torture. Hope you have found something you are passionate about (which will also make you productive). Maybe it’s a new physical activity, a new series of books, studying the Bible, tralalala. If you really love it, you’ll share it with other people, yeah? Kind of like when you find a new restaurant that makes several awesome dishes, you’ll tell all your friends! Or fall in love ;]

Sports and exercise psych… love it. Motor Learning? That’s more like torture, haha… I’m avoiding studying that right now by writing this blog post, hehe. 


Guess what… my older brother is getting married this Saturday!

Bride to be is… obviously the one on the bottom right (not her actual dress. This was when she, Libby, and I went to go try on dresses):


I want to be comfortable in the bridesmaid dress (size 4… luckily, the waist part is stretchy, hehe). I also want my back to be kinda sorta muscular, and my arms to have some definition. 

How do I do that when I usually eat mounds of PB, chocolates, and buckets of fro-yo? I give up all that for a few days (I think from Tuesday, I have not been eating those items AND I have not been eating passed 7pm). In addition, I brought my 12-pound dumbbells to school and have been using them pretty often! 

Not gonna lie… big fat difference (taken in the near dark… I woke up and didn’t want to turn on the lights yet and noticed my muscles in the mirror. Love waking up to that!):


I don’t know why I don’t just always have my heavy weights around, haha. It always gets me into shape super fast (and somehow gives me abs). Also, not eating after 7pm always makes a big difference. 

[Funny enough, my weight has been pretty similar from the beginning of the week to right now. It only looks like I shed the fluff!]

In the past, I would restrict calories and workout a whole lot more to get into smallish-dress-shape (temporary… it’s actually not my happy, everyday weight). It would kind of make me idolize food because I’d be so hungry and tired for two weeks. That’s no way to live! So I’m being a lot more balanced and not-too-extreme about it and not trying to whittle down to a size 2. I just want to look strong, not frail… in a super girly dress 🙂

Haven’t really practiced what I’ll do with my hair and makeup, but I know what I want to do. Hope it all turns out okay! I only get super girly like… once every two years (oops, reinforcing gender stereotypes. Whatevs). Otherwise, I’m always in clothes that makes people ask, “Hey! Did you just finish working out?”


When was the last time you attended a wedding? Were you in the wedding party?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? [Usually from 20 to 30 minutes?]

Tell me some of your quick shed-the-fluff tips! Or tell me why you’re against quick changes like that o___O

4 responses to “How to (Look Like You) Shed Fluff in a Week

  1. Congrats on the exam smart lady!! You deserve it! I don’t shed weight quickly- by that I mean you cannot visibly tell. My weight actually fluctuates a lot from day to day, but you can never tell if I’m down 5 pounds or not from that. The last time I attended a wedding was last August in Washington. So much fun!! Congrats to your brother and soon-to-be sister in law 🙂

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