An Incredible Weekend- My Brother’s Wedding!

I was all smiles for the whole weekend… why? My older brother got married to a wonderful, God-centered woman named Joy:


I mean seriously… don’t you totally admire how beautiful she is???


Here’s the cool part: Libby (my younger brother’s girlfriend) and I made the bouquets that morning!!! Check the bride’s bouquet in the above picture… not bad, yeah? And here are the ones for the bridesmaids:


Well actually, I was a little stressed out of my mind because there was a fiasco with the roses that were purchased (different from the ones I practiced with), and they kept snapping… but Libby was able to keep her cool, so I had her make most of them, hahaha.

Libby also helped me with curling my hair so that I could turn it into a inhabitable place for birds:



It only took about 50 bobby pins and an ounce of hair spray (not really… but I think I was pulling out bobby pins for a minute straight when I got home, haha). I wanted it to look a bit carefree, and I think it turned out pretty nicely.

Okay, back to us being really girly and fancy for the day!



I never realized until now how dark I am compared to normal, non-outdoor-running citizens (people noticed how the bridesmaids have a light-to-tan color gradient going on, haha).

Anyways, it wouldn’t really matter what the bridesmaids looked like because all eyes were on the bride! She looked absolutely stunning 😀

Weddings are always so great because we are pretty much gaining new family members! I now have a wonderful sister who is cool, chill, and intelligent. Most importantly, she treasures her relationship with God and is so connected to Him! And our family is overjoyed for her and my brother!



The next morning, I went out to Vasona Lake Park to volunteer with the RunningAddicts (all of the volunteering photos are credited to Linh)!


Not only did we serve water and electrolytes, but we also did water-cup-balancing poses:


And got chased by angry cyclists and rollerbladers (rollerbladerists?):


Hey. We know how to make good use of our time when there are no runners. Btw, congrats to all of the St. Patty’s Go Green Half/10K/5K finishers! Hope you enjoyed the beautiful morning!

Also, because I had an extremely dolled up day on Saturday (I even wore false lashes… wahhhht?), I had a super dressed-down day on Sunday. I wore an oversized shirt and sweats for the whole evening. It was the best.


Ever made bouquets for a wedding before?

Getting fancy and ‘dolled’ up… like it or dislike it? Does it feel draining to you? [I think I do it only if I’m in the wedding party… so far it’s been every couple of years. And I feel pretty drained afterwards, haha. I am still a tomboy at heart!].

You wearing green today?

9 responses to “An Incredible Weekend- My Brother’s Wedding!

  1. Awww your brother and new sister look so happy and cute!!! Congrats to the lovely couple! Nicely done on those bouquets- I would have thought they were professional 🙂 PAHAHA your birds’ nest comment- your hair/you looked wonderful!

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