I’m Drawn to the Water

Here is the scene for Monday’s easy-paced 9-miler:

Los Gatos Creek Trail (where I used to walk with my mom, even before I discovered running, GASP):


This is a reservoir, connected by a creek from the Lexington Reservoir. The LGCT offers a whole lot of potential for high mileage running… but it is full of walkers and bikers. Luckily, I went in the afternoon so I didn’t really have to go around people too much. Kind of still love the path because it makes me think back to when I trained for my first half.

[In training for my first half, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I ran 8 miles as my longest one and figured that the rest would be fine. Got 2:12. I later read a bunch of Runner’s World magazines and ran my 2nd half a couple months later in 1:52. Train smart people. And yes, that last 5 miles is not just fine, hehe. That’s where all your training comes together!].

Anyways… I didn’t run on Tuesday. I was supposed to, but I got caught up in studying and crap. I at least used some resistance bands that Joe gave me and got in a good workout! My arms were like jelly afterwards (and shaking… must have been shocked by the workout!).

Wednesday came around, and after a 3-hour lecture, I decided to reward myself with a nice, long run. I had a 15-miler (easy long run) planned for the weekend, so I thought I would cash in early and have a couple hours of mental rest. I just got to look around and enjoy the sites!

I started at the Sports Basement Presidio and went toward the Golden Gate Bridge:


Made it to the other side (exactly 3 miles) and snapped some pictures:


I squinted to the other side and thought that maybe I would end up waaaaaaay over on the other side:


[Ignore the handwriting… that will happen later].

I headed out across the bridge again (quite crowded with bikers and walkers). Then as I came back down toward the Sports Basement, I took another picture of Crissy Field (I think):


Things got pretty flat as I went toward the Bay Bridge. Fort Mason had a little hill, but no big.

Passed by Fisherman’s Wharf:


Made it out passed the Ferry Building!


Went out on this random pier and got a picture of the Bay Bridge:


On my way back, I squinted back to where I was when I took the picture from the Marin side:


(^That’s from around Fort Mason).

I got back and felt so wonderful! 2:19:XX, 15 miles, and totally got to de-stress and have that mental health break. No music, just thoughts and prayers.


Soooo, yeah. I don’t know if it’s because I’m surrounded by water, but I love being around it! It calms me (or gives me energy? I’m usually running by it, haha).

Are you nearby the ocean? A lake? A reservoir? All of the above?

Would you want to do this running tour type thing (of San Francisco) with me? [But be warned… I’ll be making up most of the “facts” and “history” as we go. Oh, and we’ll actually make stops at the Ferry Building and Fisherman’s Wharf. Gotta stock up on cheese and salt water taffy].

9 responses to “I’m Drawn to the Water

    • I used to be really attached to my music, but now I try to save it for the really hard efforts (speed workouts and the last few miles of a race). That’s great that you got to enjoy Santa Monica AND San Francisco over the weekend 😀

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