Nice Long Break

It has been over two weeks since I last posted. Running and staying on the Hansons Marathon Method has been hit/miss. Last week was a total miss… didn’t get in my 8-mile tempo or 6 x 1 mi (10 seconds faster than marathon goal pace).

I was also eating a LOT… the same amount as when I’d be running, but I wasn’t running. Even still, when I was walking around school, feeling a little blimp-ish, I was still joyful. Each day is a gift, and I wasn’t going to spend it being sad about feeling a little poofy. No point in getting super down about that! I just have to get back on the whole running thing.

This past weekend was a great way to jump back into the whole running thing! I ran the Spring Forward 10K (benefiting Catholic Charities) with the RunningAddicts! These two pictures of courtesy of Linh:



I decided to turn this 10K into a short tempo run (HMM “tempo” is running at marathon race pace. They were all mostly around 8:00). Had a short warm up and cool down before and after the race.

The race offered free photos, too! Here are some from the race photographers:




Two things:

1.) Yes, it was a little too hot running in my get-up. The RA’s also asked if I was going to run in the jacket. I was a little cold, and I’m usually okay with the heat, so I said, “It’s kew~”… only to realize in the middle of the course that I wanted to rip it off and whip it into the creek. Then after the race, I was glad I had it because I got cold again, haha.

2.) The time was something like 47 minutes. The course was actually short (just under 6 miles), but no big. I wasn’t racing it. Had I been going for a PR, perhaps I would have been up in arms. In addition, this was the inaugural race. I’m thinking they’ll change the route a little bit and make it closer to 6.2 miles for next time.


That same day, I went out for a run with Linh and Amy! We racked up another 10 easy-paced miles.


We finished up with ice cream!


If you are ever in a running rut, then call upon some friends to get you up and running! There’s no better motivation than to know you set a date and time to meet up with some nice peoples to break a sweat. Just don’t be a buttface and cancel last minute.


Sunday morning, I went for a trail run with an awesome BWTT-reader, Jennifer! We have been pen pals (or email buddies) for a while now. I first got to meet her at the Brazen Western Pacific Half last year, and we have been emailing each other, giving updates and motivation. She and I are going to be running our first 50K this June!

So we set out to Rancho San Antonio to go up the Chamise and Black Mountain trail. The weather was perfect for a trail run, and we had a good time talking about life, running, and races.

Also, we found out our moms work at the same hospital in the same unit. Small world, yo.

Here are some sights that don’t do justice to the beauty of the view from the top:

Image ImageImageImage

(Btw, I’ve had my smartphone for about 1.5 years. Still don’t know anything about it. I need to learn how to do the panoramic photos…).

Total trail miles: 16.5 miles (~3:55). Whoops, not supposed to run this long, on the HMM training program.


Monday: An easy 8.6 miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

The only thing about this run that I remember… MY QUADS, holy moly! They were completely trashed from the previous day’s trail run. I knew that would happen because when I take a hiatus from trail running and then throw down a bunch of miles like that, my quads suffer.

Tuesday: Since my quads felt better, I went to the track for a HMM “Strength” run. No more speedwork, it’s all strength now (which is running intervals at 10 seconds faster than marathon goal pace).

Started with a 2.5 mile warm-up. Then 1.5 miles at 7:50/mile pace. 400m recovery. Four times! Then 2+ miles cooldown.

I think I’m technically supposed to do this elsewhere… like not on the track… but it was kind of windy and our SFSU track has lots of trees, so I just went with it.

Wednesday: Easy 6 miles. About 15 minutes of core work at home.

Today? Supposed to try out a 9-mile tempo (which is sandwiched between warm up and cool down miles). We’ll see. I may have to adjust my pace to around 8:10 instead of just 8:00. It would still get me a PR.


When you fall out of running regularly, how do you get yourself back into it?

Does a long trail run leave your quads trashed? (Remember the post about eccentric contractions and DOMS?)

8 responses to “Nice Long Break

  1. That last landscape picture is incredible… what a beaut! (P.s. long-time reader here – I love your blog!!)

  2. How do you always look so cute in race photos!! Adorable! Haha before I read your comments, I was like man how can she run in that sweatshirt?? I would have been dying! Excited to see you on Sunday!

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