Confidence Boosted

You know how I am using the Hansons Marathon Method (HMM) training program for the M2B marathon this year? Well there are about six weeks remaining until the big race, and the workouts are getting pretty tough!

I have shifted up to doing 9-mile tempos (run at marathon race pace). I am trying to run them around 8:10 to 8:00. On Friday, I ran them at the track because I didn’t feel like pounding the pavement that morning. I ran the track clockwise when there weren’t people on the track (early in the morning).


^Kind of what it looked like when I left (recycled photo).

Here’s how it went:

Warm-up (3 miles): 9:55, 9:43, 10:00

Tempo (9 miles): 8:10, 8:03, 7:58, 7:58, 7:58, 7:59, 8:00. 8:02, 7:48

Cooldown (3.5 miles): 9:46, 9:38, 9:43, 4:35 (half mile).

Notes about this run:

1.) Math is hard early in the morning. I did my warm up miles, the 8 tempo, started the cooldown (half mile) before realizing I had one more to do… I think that’s where the 7:48 came from, haha.

2.) I was going to give up and do just 4 or 5 tempo miles. I was super fatigued (since I actually ran 8 easy miles on the treadmill the day before… which I’m not supposed to). I just took it one mile at a time and was able to get through all 9!

3.) Running on a track is easier than running on a treadmill for some reason. I can’t hold an 8:00 pace on the treadmill for very long. I always thought it was supposed to be easier? BUT the track is also easier than on the pavement. My reasoning is that for M2B, I will be using the same muscle groups for a huge chunk of the race (mild downhill from around mile 6, and then flat for the last 6 miles). I know running rollers is good, but I think that could make it a wee bit easier since I work the muscle groups a little differently. This is purely anecdotal. It’s just based off of my experiences.

4.) Too fast for those ones in the middle! I would slow down to match the 8:05 pace, but end up speeding up just a little bit when I get toward the end of the mile. Yikes!

5.) I fueled in the best way the night before:

Thai food with my friend, Joanna:


Pad See… something, pumpkin curry, and some beef stir-fry with garlic and basil. YUM!



We finished with some fro-yo next door.


Used to not be a fan of putting mochi in my fro-yo… but now the ratio of ounces of fro-yo and ounces of mochi is becoming pretty similar. Love it.


If I had not given myself a chance to run (as in talk myself out of going to the track and slept in because I was fatigued), I would never have gotten a chance to run at marathon race pace for 9 miles. It gave me such a confidence boost to be able to finish the work out! It also made me realize that I am running according to plan. The Hansons guys said that this would happen and that though we feel fatigue (not pain), the workout would be doable. SO SURPRISED! It totally worked!

Today, I did 30 minutes of cycling and about 20 minutes of weights. I want to be not too tired for tomorrow… pacing the Santa Cruz Half Marathon with the RunningAddicts tomorrow!

What are you up to this weekend? Any races?

What was the last super tough workout that you got through? Confidence-booster, I hope?

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