Pacing a Half and a Confidence-Booster

Hey there! Long time to read, yeah?

I pretty much try to get all of the sleep I need and don’t blog if I don’t have the time.

I’ll save you time by not going over all of the workouts in the passed week, and just go through some of the fun stuff.

Last Friday, I did a VO2max test. It starts off with a warm up, then we get all hooked up to a gas analyzer that can look at RER (how much energy is coming from fat and how much from protein) and the O2 that is consumed and used by the body.

You choose a speed that is relatively slow and that you can keep up for a long while. I chose 6.3 mph. Every two minutes, they raise the incline by 2%. So by the end of my test, I was around 12% incline and ready to call it quits. It was a little crazy because they had to keep checking my wrist for the HR, kept asking me about my perceived exertion on the Borg scale (pointing to a number, a scale from 6-20).

The mask was falling off here and there, where I had to hold it to my face until someone could come and tighten it. That kinda threw me off my game. OH, WELL.

I still improved from last year (last year was around 50.-something… this year was 51.8 ml/kg/min).

If you ever get a chance to do the test, do it! It’s a great way to test your aerobic fitness!


Okay, something great happened on Saturday… the Brazen Racing Western Pacific Half Marathon!

The RunningAddicts were there to pace it again this year for both the half and full marathons.



It was a nice morning for a half (a little tough for the full marathoners because it got pretty windy out there). All in all, everyone did fantasically!

And Kevin (my co-pacer) and I had such a great time with our pace group!

wp pacing 6

wp pacing 7

wp pacing 8

Smiles all around for this group of runners. They not only worked hard, but were extremely appreciative for us pacing, as well as thanking all of the volunteers. These runners were so extremely awesome πŸ™‚

wp pacing

Kevin and I were sure to try to keep a good pace… slowing down when we got too excited, picking up the pace if we were waaay off from the mile markers. We planned for a distance of around 13.25 miles, and did what was needed to get our runners in before us. We had a couple of people who were with us and then went ahead of us from around mile 11, which is the perfect race strategy.

The time overall?


4 seconds under 2 hours. Gotta love that πŸ˜€

And here are three guys who ran the half marathon (one paced and two raced):


Patrick, on the left, is coming off a great run in a pretty big time race (Boston!). Great job to you guys, and great job for all racers and pacers!

After the race, Johnny, Deanna and I went backwards on the course to take some pictures of our marathon pacers and do a cooldown walk.

Here are Deanna and Johnny:


Super cute couple, yeah? And they did not notice the pretty flowers… even though Quarry Lakes trails are their stomping grounds, haha.

Here’s me and Deanna with the finish line festivities in the background:


Got to realize that runners are generally happy people. Some are hyper and full of energy (like beagles), and others are chill (… some kind of big dog). Being immersed in all-things running makes me happy. I love pacing because I get to slow things down, notice more wonderful things along the course (that I would miss if I was just running for a time), and I get to meet a lot more people that if I were racing.

I love the fact that I got to join my running group (the RunningAddicts). I’ve had so many opportunities to get involved in running-related things and I love that I get to meet a whole bunch of encouraging, friendly people πŸ™‚


Sunday was just cross-training (40 minutes cycling, 40 minutes elliptical).

Today was an awesome tempo run!

I already bragged talked about it on Facebook, but here’s how the tempo run went:

Warm up (3 miles running at slow pace): 9:47, 9:17, 9:11

Tempo (10 miles at goal marathon race pace. Should have been 8:05, but after my first mile, I decided to entertain the idea of running around 7:55… so I did):Β 7:52, 7:56, 7:54, 7:56, 7:51, 7:54, 7:50, 7:53, 7:44, 7:18

Cool down (1.5 mile walking): 16:07, 10:21.

Went home and also did about 40 minutes ofΒ yoga.Β It was a good training day, for sure!


Now, I’m dyeing my hair with henna and trying on new earrings that my brother and his wife got me from Korea!


Tell me something interesting from your weekend!

Do you have dimples?

Have you run with a pacer for a race before? Good or bad experience(s)?

13 responses to “Pacing a Half and a Confidence-Booster

  1. I haven’t ever ran with an official pacer in a race. My bf has paced me in a few races. I’ve occasionally used other racers who were running at my intended pace as pacers. I would definitely use a pacer if there were one available at a race.

    • Yup! Usually a pacer is trustworthy… but some of them can sometimes go too fast in the beginning!
      I know bigger races generally offer pacers for popular distances. Happy training πŸ™‚

  2. I ran with a pacer for the first time yesterday for my marathon. Best decision ever! I thought I’d need the group to stop me from going too fast early on, but it turned out that they saved me the last six miles. I loved every minute of it! You’re awesome for being a pacer!

    • Awesome! Glad your decision to follow a pacer turned out well (they certainly are great for making sure you don’t go out too fast!). It’s also nice to have them for encouragement πŸ™‚

  3. random question for you! i’m a week out for my first full marathon and i don’t want to run with a handheld h20 bottle for 26.2 miles. lol. i usually store my fuel in the handheld so now i’m at a lost for ideas on how to carry it. what do you usually do for your fuel? i’m thinking of finding shorts with a back zip pocket.

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  5. OMG you guys are amazing pacers!! But I already knew you were πŸ˜‰ So jealous of all the cool testing you get to do in school!! I’ve run with 1 pacer named Michelle before! She’s pretty awesome πŸ˜‰

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