Strength When I Am Weak

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday.

[I know sometimes, these kinds of special days are difficult for those who have lost a loved one or never knew their own mother. I hope that you can still find people in your lives who have a mother’s heart :)]

The morning started off with an easy trail run with Jennifer (my 50K partner!):


We went to Rancho San Antonio up the PG&E trail (you can see the power lines behind us, yeah?). 10.3 miles easy, and we were done with our last run together before our 50K in June. Oh, yeah. Jennifer is a beast… she just ran a crazy tough trail marathon the day before! I KNOW, right?? She’s amazing!

Right after, I went to the gym with Joe. I had severely neglected my upper body, so I grabbed some 10’s and 5’s and got to work on my (easy) lifting.


I also did work with the Bosu ball and stability ball to do some core work. I’ll get back to my regular lifting after my marathon.


After church service, we went over to By-th-Bucket (an Italian seafood restaurant). We had to celebrate and appreciate this lovely gal and her important work as caretaker of the family (co-caretaker… my dad is also quite a caretaker).


We got her those earrings, and she really liked them. Not only that, she was so happy after the Mother’s Day lunch that she was skipping and dancing in the parking lot when I left with her (taking her to work). Little lady was not watching what was around her as she was dancing and a car was coming along to park in the space where she was getting her groove on.

Don’t worry, nothing bad happened (except she got scolded by me afterwards, hehe. It’s like our roles reversed… I had been scolded many times when I was younger for doing something quite similar).

Anyways, why was my mom so happy? Because of this:




She said she was so happy that all of her kids found someone special to be with (that we were all in healthy relationships), and especially for my brother and SIL getting married. Her joy was found in knowing that her kids were doing well. She is over-the-moon-joyous when we are happy. She also said that it’s like she has double the number of children to love. Quite possibly, she was just doing the math for future grandchildren, hehe.

All I know is that without her faith in God and her unrelenting prayers over our family, we would have all ended up in a poopy place. I know God made her strong because she is able to handle a daughter like me (I’m not that bad now, but I had to go through a whole lot in my teens). Even in her weaknesses, she is humble enough to admit when she can’t do it on her own and she lets God’s strength shine through in those times.

My mom (like many moms out there) are so self-sacrificing, giving, and loving. Even in the darkest times when I was a buttface, I thought she would eventually become less attached to me and just give up… but she never ever gave up on me. When I was the weakest, she gave me strength to hang in there and keep going. In hindsight, I don’t think she actually had the strength… but the strength she received from the Lord is what I received.

Basically what I’m saying is… my mom is cooler than yours… but I might be a little biased.

BTW, I’m totally kidding. My mom is the best person to be MY mom. She’s the best mom in the world for meee. 


After lunch, and after dropping her off at her work, the rest of us went to my brother’s place to chill and eat lots of desserts… one of us were so chill that he didn’t even want to get up to take a picture of the girls.




And, hey… I think it’s so cool that my older brother’s wife (Joy) and younger brother’s girlfriend (Libby) are so awesome!


It’s nice to have these sisters around. They’re so full of joy and love!


This morning, I met up with my friend (who is like an older sister :D) to hit up the track for a nice run!

We are less than two weeks out from the M2B marathon, and we are getting in our final training runs these days:

W/u: 2.5 mi (but I forgot to turn on my GPS for the first quarter mile).

6 x 1 mile “strength” run with 400m RI: 7:45, 7:39, 7:44, 7:38, 7:42, 7:33

C/d: 1.25 mi.

Those “strength” mile intervals were supposed to be around 7:50, but ever since last week’s mind-blowing tempo run, I decided to just do it by feel (but trying to stay in the 7:40’s).

Post run:



BTW, I was covered head-to-toe in salt (from my sweat. I know, irresistibly sexy, yeah?). It was HOT during the run today, but I think it’s going to be great heat training for M2B 😀


Share something fun you did over the weekend (could be Mother’s Day related or not)!

When is your next race? 

Are you following the NBA playoffs? 

9 responses to “Strength When I Am Weak

  1. Awww LOVE all the love!!!! Your mom sounds amazing! So glad you guys had a lovely day. I haven’t decided what my next race will be yet! I’m thinking something in the fall, but I’m not sure.

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