I Did What I Could Do

My last something-of-substance workout:

2.5 mi warm up (9:36, 9:24, 9:14 pace for 0.5 mi)

10 mi tempo (8:00, 7:56, 7:50, 8:04, 8:10, 7:43, 7:51, 7:49, 7:50, 7:45). Done at the track, Lake Merced, AND Great Highway. Gotta keep it interesting, ya know?

2.5 mi cool down (8:49, 9:05, 9:18 pace for 0.5 mi).


15 miles done by about 8:15am. I woke up at 5:30am so that I could leave around 6am. Why? Class was at 9, and I did NOT want to wait until the afternoon when it would become unbearably hot to bust out this run.

You do what you got to do… or you do what you can do. Just do something.


Looking back at the Hansons Marathon Method, I think I did as much as I could do with the plan. I stuck to it about 80% (missing some workouts, trading in certain easy runs for cycling or elliptical-ing, or trading a substance workout for an easy run).

I truly feel that I am ready for a PR, and I’ve done everything I could that I have control over. There are things that are out of my control, such as really bad weather, but I know I’ve done what I could. No turning back! Just gotta give it my all once I line up at the start line. I still have like 10 days before I reach race-day, but knowing that I’ve completed so many tough workouts (such as a 10-mile marathon race-pace tempo run) gives me an incredible surge of excitement and confidence.

I still have another area of my life where I need to finish strong… skeww~ (school~). It’s weird that my training plan was 18 weeks, the same number of weeks in each semester. Right after finals next week, I’ll be heading down to Southern California, getting all squeally and giddy about the race.

[BTW, I’m more than halfway done… I’ll probably get toΒ finally graduate next Spring, hehe. I’m taking the scenic route ;)].

It’s going to be a good rest of the month πŸ˜€

I just have easy runs on my schedule until race day. God-willing, I will be at the start in good health, well-rested, and ready to rock!

Short post today. This is just a reminder to those who are standing at the bottom of a huge mountain that it’s not always going to be easy… but as you keep working hard to continue to climb the mountain, the view at the top will be well worth it! I’m extremely close to the top, and I can see a glimpse of the views. Almost there!

How long was your longest training plan? Were you able to keep yourself on the plan?

What big huge mountain have you conquered? School? Grad school? Pregnancy? Raising a kid?Β 

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