Ready To Have Your Mind Blown?

Hey there.

I am avoiding studying. Nothing out of the ordinary, haha.

While I was sitting in the last lecture of my motor learning class (unfortunately, as interesting as it is, it’s also incredibly boring), we watched a clip about change blindness.

Please take a moment to watch the video and do the task (count how many times the basketball is passed around by the team in white). It’s seriously super tough! JK, it’s simple.

Change blindness video <—(less that one minute long! Watch iiiiit~).

Did you do it?

I promise… if you don’t watch the video and do the simple task, then the rest of this post will make no sense.

Watch it real quick!—> Change blindness video.


OKAY… did you watch it and take part?


Did you pick up on the moon-walking bear the first time? I totally didn’t. I LOL’d so hard in class because I immediately thought of Jesus.

Yeah, it’s not often that Jesus is equated to a moon-walking bear, but let me explain…

Sometimes, we get caught up in doing things that we need to do that we miss the most amazing sightings of Jesus at work! He may be completely easy to spot once someone points it out, and it’s weird to think you were once so blind to Him before that.

When you start seeing Him, it’s hard not to see Him. Here’s an example for how I will always see God:


His creation is all around me. Did he rise or lower the sun just for me? Yes… yes, he did.

Jk… but the beauty found in nature is one way I experience His greatness and His majesty.

Other times, I see glimpses of Him in His beloved creation… His sons and daughters! Here is a daughter of His, my friend Joanna:


My friend Joanna’s bff is Jesus. She is pretty freaking vocal about that. I definitely see Christ-likeness in her because of her aching heart when she sees youngsters give their lives away to lesser things… when she gives of her time and effort for her friends… when she speaks up about injustice… when she is willing to give up a lot of earthly things in order to do what she was called to do.

I know I said a lot of things about my wonderful mom already but I have somehow missed how she is also like Christ in so many ways (and my dad :D). Jesus is walking around in my house making me breakfast and telling me funny things that my dog did while I was away at school. And always giving hugs, kisses, and “I love you”s.  Dude… I go through the normal routines, do my own thing, get stuff done, feel productive, count how many basketball passes there were, and completely overlook the moon-walking bear. 

Yes, it’s nice to get things done, and it’s great to feel productive, but if you read many parts of the Bible, its authors remind us to BE STILL. Perhaps when we’re not moving 100 mph, we will actually be able to see and appreciate what is around us.

Sure, some of you won’t really know what it’s like to “see Jesus” here, but maybe you will begin to appreciate how awesome your parents are, how bright and unique your children are, and how much you’ve been blessed with (instead of sitting around grumbling about things you don’t have or complaining about work).


I find that the easiest way to notice the moon-walking bear or recognize Jesus in the world is to read the Bible. No joke. I really wish I would have studied it more when I was in high school. Oh, well. Better late than never!


Okay. Now I have to get back to studying 😦 <– but actually, I’m always quite happy and grateful to be studying something I’m so interested in 🙂

When are some times in your life when you realized you need to BE STILL for just a bit? 

Cognitive psychology… have you ever studied it in school? 

Tell me a little thing that you truly appreciate right now 🙂 

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