So Now What?

What happens after you attain a goal you’ve been working 18 weeks for (or perhaps it’s considered over a year since I was technically trying for the BQ last year, too?)?

Well I may have mentioned that I still need to be on a break from running for two weeks. I know it can’t actually happen because I have to run a 50K real soon. To change things up, I decided to do P90X for a while because I will have a little plan to follow AND I can do all the workouts I wasn’t really able to do much of during the marathon training.

Here’s how the week has looked so far:

Monday: Complete rest. Rest and DIGEST:


[BWTT Facebook page]

If you drive down Highway 5 a lot and stop by at Kettleman City (where In-n-out and stuff are), then you should check out Bravo Farms! They have an excellent tri-tip sandwich and pulled pork sandwich! We also went to Doc Burnstein’s Ice cream lab (next door) and got some ice cream… which somehow ended up being too sweet for me. I chugged two bottles of water after. I must be getting old(er).

Tuesday: P90X: Chest and Back (holy crapsters. That was tough. I haven’t done anything resembling a pull-up in a year).

Wednesday: P90X: Plyometrics (holy crapplings. Also super tough!).

Thursday: P90X: Legs and Back (Luckily, not that bad, haha).

And then later, I went to the RunningAddicts track run and did a super fun workout with my running friends! Linh took these awesome pictures of our stability workout after our 2-mile easy run:




I was really bad at this one where you just throw it up as high as you can while laying down (because after the first one, I just ended up throwing it away from me), haha.. so I was skipping around and dancing with my stability ball:


And then we each sat on our stability balls and ate the snacks that each of us brought!


^We actually all PR’d at M2B, so we totally deserved the splurge!

Friday: Long walk with Vanna (2.5 miles of hiking, 1 hour).

And then P90XYoga (only 48 minutes because I don’t much care for the second half, haha).


Tomorrow will be P90X: Shoulders and Arms, and then a workout at Communication Hill!

What do you usually do after a marathon? Rest completely? Or ease into it? Follow a different workout?

Have you ever done P90X? Did you actually follow it for 90 days? [I don’t plan on doing it for 90 days… but hopefully for at least 4 weeks].

5 responses to “So Now What?

  1. I love all your group workouts! I can’t wait for when I move and can join a group 🙂 After a race I usually hate running for a good 2 weeks haha. Are you doing the Berkeley Half this year?!!! I’m going to sign up soon 🙂

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