It’s Never Too Late

Happy Thursday!

Here’s a quick recap of this week’s workouts so far:

Monday: Rest (well, 2.25 miles walking. I walked at school and at the mall).

Tuesday: P90X- Legs and Back in the morning. Then in the afternoon, I wanted to go hit up Rancho San Antonio for a trail run and I got a message from Amy, asking if I wanted to go run at Rancho 😀

I got there early and went for a quick and easy hour-long trail run (6.0 miles in about 61 minutes).

Then Linh and Amy arrived and we went out for our usual “Tulip” route (you’ll know why it’s called that after you upload your run and look at it on a map):

ImageForSharing (1)

We covered 7.25 miles in about 80 minutes. I love chatting with them, but I also love that they can push me to work harder than I would if I was by myself.

Oh! This was my first long run (meaning double-digit run) since my marathon. It was nice to get back into it :). I’m still planning on keeping my runs easyish for a couple more weeks.

Wednesday: I mustered up the courage to get into our (freezing) pool. Even though it was pretty hot out, the pool was quite chilly, especially the parts of the pool that were still in the shade.

Haven’t gone swimming since last year, and I wanted to keep things easy. The first few laps are always a little panicky. Could be the coldness, or the fact that I have to get used to breathing correctly. It got a lot better as things went along. I did 2 laps free style and 1 lap of breath stroke (as recovery). I got to around 35 minutes when these two adorable girlies showed up:


They are my cousin’s daughters, and they are super duper smart! The older one is not even in first grade but she was reading the warning label on the chlorine floatie thingies and perfectly read words like “caution”, “dangerous”, “explosion”, “chemicals”… I was so shocked! Or perhaps it’s because I work as a tutor at a place that works with kids who don’t read good and want to do other things good, too (hehehe, small Zoolander reference right here).

Today: INSANITY. Holy moly, I haven’t done this in a LONG time. I did the 42-minute Plyometric Cardio circuit one and the 16-minute Cardio abs video.

I think I lost a pound… in sweat. LOVE IT.

Today will also be a two-a-day. I will be doing some running in the afternoon, but again, I’ll be keeping it easy.


Found a hybrid workout sheet for P90X and Insanity. How perfect! I’ll probably get started on that next week.


I grew up being totally active. Even if I was chubby, I was still doing something. Kung fu, tennis, golf, swimming. I played tennis in high school.

I only picked up running when I was about 20 years old. It’s really never to late to find some activity that you enjoy, or to pick up new habits to enrich your mental and physical health.

Let’s take my grandfather for example:


He moved in with us in March, and though he is 94 years old, he is still gaining fitness! [BTW, he has like 8 great-grandchildren! My nieces in the previous picture are two of his great-grandchildren :)].

When he moved here, he wanted to walk more with my dad. Our driveway is long and steep, and he wanted to try to walk that regularly. The first time, he made it up only once in a day (taking three sit-breaks along the way). Now, he is able to go up and down without resting, and they go about 4 or 5 times per day!

Amazing, right? He doesn’t walk well on his own (he kind of shuffles), so he has to go with my dad. In any case, he refuses to sit still and turn into a blob (because once you blobularize, then you lose your appetite, and then you waste away. Something like that).

Get moving! Even if you are slow-going in the beginning, just keep at it. Even if there are set-backs, just find ways to work around it.

When it was raining, my grandfather just walked and did laps around our house. He wasn’t going to make excuses.

This is not to make anyone feel badly, but I hope you find it inspirational. No matter how late you think it is to pick up a physical activity, it really isn’t too late. Start slowly, and keep at it!


Anything awesome that you learned from your grandparents? Share what wisdom they’ve imparted to you 🙂

Favorite non-running activity?

5 responses to “It’s Never Too Late

  1. LOL LOVE the Zoolander reference!! Dang girl, you rock with all your hard core workouts! Your grandpa is totally right and very inspiring! My grandpa has Parkinson’s and my grandma has dementia, but their caretaker still makes them get out and walk (with her assistance) every day!

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