The Next Step

Okay. I had a chance to go on a pretty long bike ride with Linh and Amy a couple weeks ago (photos courtesy of Linh):

2014-06-07 Stanford Ride 24M - Michelle bringing Big Sur Marathon to Foothill

And then I got my wetsuit… and went to my first OWS yesterday:


… so yesterday, I registered for my first TRI event! The Santa Cruz Tri (Olympic distance)! That was the only reasonable next step, yes?

Sure, I could wait around until I feel like I’m “ready”… or I can sign up and train until it is time to race (about 6 weeks out?).

My weakest leg is actually the biking. The swim yesterday was awesome! We went out to Gull Park, and the water was super calm ocean water (between houses)… meaning I was floating without even trying.

The wetsuit also makes you extremely buoyant so it made the swim quite easy. I am not good at sighting because… I’ve never had to do that before, but I’m working on it.

1.3 miles later (with breaks here and there), I was done with the OWS and SO SUPER happy about it. I know that it will be different in the Santa Cruz waters, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

The other RunningAddicts went out for a bike while I ran (I do not have a road bike so I planned on just doing a long run after). 9 miles in 1:16. One of them was like 7:38, but most of them around 8 minutes and something. Still not speedy with the run yet… trying to keep it easyish for the most part.

Then I ran another 3.25 miles with everyone when they got back:




12.25 miles after the 1.3 mile swim… I was feeling on top of the world!


We were all feeling pretty great:


[Thanks, Linh, for all of these great photos!]


In the evening, I met up with my workout buddy/student, Grace:


I’ve been showing her how to workout with weights (to build upper body strength). Yesterday, we went on the stairclimber (never-ending staircase), the elliptical, and then I showed her how to use a bunch of different workout equipment.

BOSU ball, resistance bands, medicine balls, lat-pulldown (and a lot of the other ones for the back), etc. It was so much fun!


Okay. I will be going to the track today, hiking tomorrow, and kickballing on Saturday.

What is something new that you’ve had a chance to try recently?

Please share whatever encouragement or tips you have for a triathlon! I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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