Independence Day, and Trail Running at Del Valle Regional Park

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. I went out to Communications Hill with some of the kids from church.


We did two warm-up rounds and then we did one were we go up fast one step at a time, and then another one fast going two steps at a time.

I was SO impressed with how they all worked hard the whole time. When I was their age, I was eating pancakes and watching cartoons at home.

I was also extremely impressed that when I told them to sprint to a certain landmark, they actually went:


With going up and down the stairs 4 times, and with the walk-sprint intervals, we covered about 1.75 mile.

Don’t worry. Even though they worked hard, we also rested hard. It was super hot and sunny out there!



Since we had finished this great workout and it was hot, the girls asked that I go over to their place and go swimming. I went home to eat lunch, grabbed my swimsuit, and went over to swim with them:



Oh, yeah. I brought my underwater camera and they had so much fun with it!


It was a wonderful 2 hours to spend with them. I became like 3.5 shades darker, though.



Saturday morning, I went out with the boys to Del Valle Regional Park. They were going fishing, and I was going out to trail run.


I really liked these trails because I kind of love how challenging they are, BUT it doesn’t offer much shade, so I got really hot on the way back. Don’t worry. I had pleny of water in my hydration pack and lots of sunblock on.

The views made it a little easier:



I also ate a PB sandwich and a banana right in the middle. By the end of the run, I had covered 14 miles (2:51). There were a lot of segments that I had to hike because I haven’t hit the trails in forevers and some of the hills were STEEP!

GREAT workout, and I’m so glad I got to go. Forgot how fun trail running is.

When I got back, it had reached temperatures well into the 90’s and all I wanted was an ice cold Diet Coke. BTW, I got a new minivan. It will be useful for when I have to put my bike in and out, or for traveling on long trips.



^Yeah. I used to be a Diet Coke addict. These days, I am always found with a water bottle with me, but about 7 years ago, it was always a bottle of Diet Coke. At some point, it became extremely unappealing to me. I drink soda about once or twice a year now (or I’ll have a sip of Joe’s when we are eating pizza or something). But yesterday?? Nothing sounded better right when I finished the run. Weirdsies.

Oh! And with about 3 hours of fishing, only Joe’s brother Josh caught a fish:


[Instagram: shiigii]

That fish is kind of scary, yeah?

Anyways, I think you can check out the course map and elevation info on my trail run here: Garmin Connect… if you’re curious 🙂


Do you trail run regularly in the summer?

Fishing: Yay or nay? [Nay… I get sad and scared when you have to remove the hook after catching it]

Are you obsessed with Diet Coke (or any particular soda)?


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