6 responses to “How My Feelings on SPLURGES Has Changed

  1. <3. I struggled so much with eating and weight in high school (i think most girls do), and during my first two years of college. This post shows how far you've come. Cheers to your journey! PS. I need to go to vegas soon! 😛

  2. I love this!!!! It’s so true about so many things in life…if you fight it, you’re giving it power, and then it becomes even more of a struggle. I kind of talked about that today with my therapist. Struggles like this are like a game of tug-of-war. If you keep pulling back and fighting against a food fear, a previous ED, anxiety, etc., it’s just going to keep pulling back harder and harder until you lose. Because you can’t beat these kinds of things by fighting. So glad to hear how happy you seem to be now 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Lauren! Yes, there is freedom in not fighting with these cravings… now that I give into them, they hold less power (like you said). That’s great that you are able to discuss these things with your therapist 🙂

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