San Francisco Marathon + Half Weekend

It has been super busy these days for me. I am taking an anatomical kinesiology summer school class which is super interesting, but extremely detailed. Four days per week for five weeks. Already almost halfway done!

Anywho, this past weekend was really fun and exciting. I had the privilege of being a pacer again for the San Francisco 1st half marathon. Friday started out with me, Linh, and Amy volunteering at the pacer booth and picking up our bibs at the expo [photo courtesy of Linh]:


We got all of our pacer stuff squared away and also got to sample a whole bunch of goodies that the vendors put out.

On Saturday, I was supposed to study a little in the morning, but totally ended up distracting myself by randomly curling my hair (I curl my hair like… once a year, haha):


Here is what my hair looks like in the sunlight:


BTW, my hair is dyed with henna and cinnamon. My next post will be about how I did that and why (if you’re interested in using natural stuff to dye your hair).

Then, Joe, his brother, his cousins and I headed back up to SanFrancisco to hang out and drink lots of coffee and eat a huge sandwich:




^Oh, if you are a sandwich-lover, you should go to Little Lucca Sandwich Shop with a friend. I found it to be a little TOO wet with the sauces and mayo, so next time, I’ll forgo the mayo… otherwise it was super delicious. I split the Southwestern with Josh, and it was extremely filling.

Sightglass coffee was pretty yummy and I really liked the sunlight and spaciousness of the cafe:



For dinner, we went to Dish Dash in Downtown Sunnyvale:




I guess the lighting is a little too dark and romantical, but I got the chicken kebab and it was delicious (especially with a bunch of pita bread and their dip).

After dinner, we picked up some desserts. I tried to go healthy-ish and picked a Yasso Frozen Greek yogurt bar in sea salt caramel. It was super yummy!



Sunday morning started at 2:15am. Running on only 4 hours of energy, I was a little tiny bit out of it… but still full of excitement.

The pacers had to get to the start line pretty darned early. It was kind of nice to see everything so early in the morning. I love that time before the race when you can feel the excitement and nervousness of the racers as they mentally prepare for the race. Nothing left to do but put it all out there and do their best (the culmination of all of their training… it’s a super cool time).



My co-pacer and I started in wave 4. We ended up trying to get in a tiny bit of time in the first few miles in order to slow down a tiny bit on the hilly parts (going up to the Golden Gate Bridge… and then everything there after until we got into Golden Gate Park):


Long story short, we made it a few seconds under 2:00! [For more on this race, you can check out my pacer post from last year. It was a lot more sunny and less windy last year!]


^BTW, that sign was a little tough to hold up for the entire time for long stretches of the race since it got a little windy. I made sure to stick it up in the air whenever it wasn’t too windy so that people can spot us.

I’m always thankful for the opportunity to pace a race. It is wonderful to talk with runners from all over the country (and the world!), encouraging them and motivating them to do their best. Being a part of the running community means that even though we may have absolutely NOTHING else in common, we can be connected through our love of running, and to be positive in how we interact with each other. Slow runners, fast runners, walk/jog runners, back-of-the-packers, experienced/inexperienced, whatevers… we’re all runners. Let’s all continue to build each other up, yeah?

And the phrase that most people liked: “Smile! You guys are running a (half) marathon!” <— sometimes, we forget to smile and enjoy the experience… as well as for the fact that running a half is sort of a big deal to the average citizen 🙂

The first half marathoners finished up our pacing and headed for the line for the shuttle which took a bit of time, but at least the line was moving and there were plenty of buses). Got back to the finish line and snacked on the goodies for the pacers/ambassadors:


^(This picture was of the morning goodies. We had some more stuff after the race).

The sun also came out while we waited for the full marathoners and pacers:


To anyone to raced/paced yesterday, congratulations and I hope you had fun [photo courtesy of Linh]!


[Photo courtesy of Stan]:



Have you run the San Francisco Marathon/(1st/2nd) Half Marathon? 

What is the biggest race you have participated in? [This is the biggest one, totaling around 25,000 people]

Do you have a favorite booth/vendor you like to visit at expo’s? [I liked the Larabar tent this year. They were giving out mini Larabars!]

4 responses to “San Francisco Marathon + Half Weekend

  1. Your hair looks beautiful curled! I should take some time to (ummm) blow dry mine at least haha. I am so lazy when it comes to hair. When are you done with school?

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