A Jam-Packed Weekend!

Last Friday, my friend Amy and I went out to the Big Basin Redwoods to go on a long hike/trail run!


We got to enjoy seeing some waterfalls along the hike 🙂



We did a fair amount of trail running and ended up totally missing a turn somewhere (it was supposed to be one big loop, but we somehow ended up back at the first waterfall). 


So instead of getting in around 11 miles, we got 15 miles! Good thing Amy had some extra snacks with her. I was super hungry, haha. 

Then right after I dropped her back off, I met with Michelle to go for a quick hike at Rancho San Antonio!


We hiked for 90 minutes and got in 4.85 miles. Had I realized I was so close to 20 miles, I would have gone a tiny bit further. 

In any case, I had to wash up, pack, go straight to church for Bible study, and then head down to Santa Cruz to help out with the church youth lock-in!



We played some really fun games (one of them was like telephone, but they had to send down letters that add up to being a word). 


Then on Saturday morning, we went to Henry Cowell State Park to go for another hike :D. It was a 3.7 mile round trip hike to a (somewhat) scenic overlook.




I ate soooo much while hanging out after the hike because I realized I was just plain ol’ exhausted. I packed my schedule a tiny bit too much (especially coming off of my week of finals stuff). 

This week is my one week off before fall semester, and I plan to take it easy, without over-scheduling myself with a bunch of meetings. 


Do you find yourself being over-scheduled with activities/meetings/hangouts?

Longest hike you’ve been on over the summer?

What food do you turn to snack on when you are tired (or do you not snack when tired)? [I usually get something sweet, but I’ve been eating chips lately]

3 responses to “A Jam-Packed Weekend!

  1. Wow!! WOW!! Amazing views and phenomenal pictures!! You are sooo adorable, too!! I wish I did more hiking. That’s definitely something I’d like to work on. Yum, chips!! I’ve been snacking on kale chips lately!! So good!! XOXO!!

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