8 Year Anniversary Celebration Trip

Just over 8 years ago, I went on my first date ever. I was just 18.5 years old and excited as ever. 

Over the weekend, we got to celebrate that day with a trip to Las Vegas!


Luckily, we were able to get inexpensive flights out to LV, as well as free rooms at Aria, Mandalay Bay, and free show tickets! We did this all without gambling (in fact, I don’t gamble at all). It was through a free FB game (myVegas… which Joe discovered a few years ago. It’s how we justify all of our trips out there, haha). 

Luckily, we were able to get upgraded to this Penthouse Sky Suite at the Aria!



2014-09-03 20.17.10 

I was pretty hungry right when we arrived. Walked over to the Cosmopolitan to see if we would be able to get in to the Wicked Spoon buffet for dinner before we watched Zarkana… but noooope. The wait was way too long!

It was just enough time for me to get hangry, haha. Oh, well. We just went to the Aria buffet (since Zarkana was playing right there). It was as we expected… expensive and not mind-blowing, but oh, well. I can always find something I like. 

We walked right over to the Zarkana theater and took our seats. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10646880_10152678499830180_8388379387995140719_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One thing interesting about this show is that they allow you to take pictures during the show (just no flash). I certainly took advantage of that:


I took a lot more, but I don’t want to show you too much! One of the coolest things we saw was this lady who used sand to make several pictures SUPER quickly!


I want to say she made about five pictures (maybe about 45 seconds to make each picture?). It was REALLY cool!

Came back to the room to enjoy the view:

10494739_10152678499930180_7066720725339924621_n 10599350_10152678500080180_3746100077332614057_n 


^Hahaha that big random tub looks like a toilet for a giant. 


Got to go to the Wicked Spoon for brunch the next day! To get ready, I had to make sure I had a dress on that would allow for me to go beast mode.

20140901_113201 20140901_113251 

I also put my hair in an up-do with a braid going around my head. I looooove doing braiding stuff with my hair!

Anyways, with the buffet dress on, having just worked out (a short amount, but something is better than nothing), I was ready!

20140901_124651 20140901_131325 

I think I had a round 3 of real food and a round 4 with desserts. I was SO stuffed, and the Wicked Spoon is super delicious! Totally worth waiting about 45 minutes!


We did a lot of walking that evening, waddling around with full bellies). Got a late dinner at Tender, a steakhouse at the Luxor. We were super surprised by their incredible service and yummy food! (We also got a MyVegas deal with this one, getting $75 off). 


Kind of loved everything about this meal. It was some kind of tasting of 3 6-oz. ribeye… I think. (New Zealand, American Kobe, and Bison). I liked the bison the best. 


Ate at yet another buffet on Tuesday morning before flying back home. 

That’s three buffets in three days, mang! I feel really fluffy and heavy, but I don’t care too too much. It was fun to indulge and celebrate for those three days! Now back to reality o__O


Oh, and a throwback picture to date #2 (8 years ago)




What did you do over Labor Day weekend?

Best buffet you’ve been to?

Have you ever watched a Cirque du Soleil show? [We’ve now seen 4: Mystere, KA, LOVE, Zarkana].

7 responses to “8 Year Anniversary Celebration Trip

  1. Oh WOW, how cute!!! I love that last picture and all of the gorgeous pictures of you in between!! I love that braid!!! I love the braid around head look!! Super cute!! Glad you had a fabulous time and HAPPY 8 YEARS!!!

  2. I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I could discover yours! My husband and I LOVE Vegas too… we’ve been going there every year since 2008, and we’ve been there an absurd number of times lol. He plays MyVegas too, but we also get amazing deals, like free Aria sky suites, from the MLife rewards program. We’re actually heading back out there a week from today to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (We’ve been together for 6 and 1/2 years, not quite 8 like you guys) – I cant wait!

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