My fitmob Experiences

Hello! It has been a while since I blogged. I have been busy with some life things, but if you saw on the Blessedwiththunderthighs FB page, I have still been making sure to get in my running/workouts.

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by fitmob to be asked if I would like to join their campaign. fitmob offers workouts and classes from top trainers in different neighborhoods in San Francisco. Instead of being confined to the same gym with a long contract, you can attend different indoor and outdoor classes and pay weekly.

CE1_7614 CE1_8556

You also get perks for working out regularly and you never have to pay for inactivity.


I love that they offer different kinds of workouts! You can get a free 7 day trial, and for my week, I decided to take one yoga class, and a class that would be totally new to me.

On Tuesday, I simply reserved my spot online and got my email confirmation. I chose to go to Yoga Tree Potrero Hill because it was pretty close to my school and had lots of free parking.

Pretty much as soon as I set up my mat, the instructors, Jessica and Stephane, greeted me and introduced themselves. I looooove when instructors can spot newcomers and make sure that us noobs are set up or doing okay during the class.


This particular class was a Vinyasa+Restorative yoga class, so we did the usual Vinyasa stuff in the first 40 minutes of the class, and the last 35 minutes were all relaxing and restorative poses (which is where we used the strap, blocks, bolster, and blankets).

I have been to a yoga studio where the instructor only stays at the front and only gets your name so he/she can call you out when you’re doing something wrong. I guess there is nothing wrong with that… it’s just not my style. With Jessica and Stephane, they were walking around the room, helping us to get deeper into a stretch/posture and gently telling us how we can better our pose.

So I was all sorts of sweaty and getting an awesome workout while going through the flows, and then loved chillin’ and relaxin’ in the restorative poses. I felt like my chest was more open, and all I had to do was breathe. Kiiiind of started dosing off on a couple of them, which is not a bad thing… right?

I’ve been on a yoga kick lately, and this class was an amazing one to take. Plus the studio is so pretty:


^(This was taken before class. There were just under 20 people for this class).

Thanks, Jessica and Stephane for this awesome experience!



Okay. I’m relatively comfortable with yoga, but I decided to try a TOTALLY different kind of workout… one that I may be a tiny bit uncomfortable with. I wanted to know what it would be like for a complete beginner to take a new class. I decided to go with a class that was really close to Joe’s school. I walked there when he was in class, and I realized that I was at a club, haha. It all became clear when I remembered hearing the name “City Nights” on the radio a bunch.

So already, I was kind of excited to be in a new space. Again, the instructor, Lillian So, saw the new faces and introduced herself and what her workout, SOfierce, is all about. She had us all introduce ourselves to the group, which was new and pretty cool to do, especially since one of her missions is to build a community aspect to the workout!

What is super cool about this class is that the DJ, Brian (DJ Bluz?), was keeping our energy up with his mix. So unique!


Lillian’s class, itself was incredibly different from other ones I’ve taken. She kept us all energized, and gave the cues for the next move at the perfect time. I’m kind of NOT good at letting go and dancing freely, but Lillian never made it so that the class is unwelcoming to someone like me. I felt super comfortable, especially when I was dripping sweat and realized I was getting in an awesome workout, haha. Also, when in doubt about the exact moves, just make sure you at least move in the same direction as the class (even if your steps are not perfect :P).

I partnered up with Bri at the end when we did some cool partnered core exercises, and had so much fun with it!

Here’s Lillian on the left and Bri on the right:

2014-10-01 20.24.33

Maybe this one is better?

2014-10-01 20.29.21

Here is everyone from last night’s class:

2014-10-01 20.28.36


Thanks to fitmob, I was able to try these classes. I still have a few more days on the 7 day free trial, so I’ll try to hit up one more! And here are some links to find out more about fitmob (especially good for those who live/work in the San Francisco area):

About fitmob <— btw, Tony Horton is a co-creator of this concept!

fitmob’s mission

From FAQs page, how much does fitmob cost?


fitmob also has a SUPER cool concept of shared personal trainingI think this idea is genius. Instead of paying for a 1:1 session, you can gather a group up to 6 people and share the cost (What’s $34 divided by 6?). Or you can invite friends and you and your workout buddies only pay $29 per session (What’s $29 divided by 4? Or divided by 6?).

So what are they calling it? A MobTribe! So your tribe trains together twice a week with a certified trainer, and you also get nutrition tips and workouts for days your tribe doesn’t meet together.


Let me tell you… if you are trying to change things up and implement a regular workout, it’s WAY better to get a group together than to do it alone. Why? Whenever I try to get in an early morning run by myself, I just snooze the morning away. When I say I’ll show up to my running group workout, I SHOW UP. It keeps me accountable 🙂

6 weeks, 12 sessions, 4 to 6 friends, and the trainer comes to you! I’d say when the weather gets blahhh, it would be a perfect time to start. Instead of staying in and feeling blue with the shorter days, you can get moving with your friends! I’m still working on recruiting some people for this!


Any new workout classes you’ve tried recently? Please share!

What are some things you look for in a group instructor or personal trainer? [For me, like I mentioned, it’s great when they see new faces]

Do you have a workout/running/training group that keeps you accountable for showing up?

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  1. What cool classes!! Sounds like you’ve been busy!! I can’t wait to be a yoga teacher!! I definitely want to create a warm, friendly vibe in my classes!!! You’re amazing!! XOXO!! Happy Friday!! 🙂

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